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    Wireless IR Kit, transmitter and reciever IR extension system with power. 

    The WIR-KIT allows IR to be wirelessly transmitted and received up to 200m. No extra wires are needed between a source and a display to provide easy control of almost all home entertainment equipment using 915MHz RF signals. Multiple transmitters and receivers can also be added to support control from multiple zones of audio and video to multiple sources such as set-top boxes and Bluray players. Utilizing FSK (frequency-shift keying) modulation, the WIR-KIT provides better signal sensitivity, noise suppression, and also minimizes RF-interference when compared to typical products that use ASK (amplitude shift keying) modulation.


    • Transmits IR signals wirelessly over 915 MHz RF
    • Allows for wireless IR transmission up to 200 meters (656 ft), no cable required
    • 10 discrete channels allow for pairing of up to 10 sources and 10 displays within the same installation environment (Additional Transmitters and Receivers sold separately) 
    • IR Frequency:  20-60 Hz
    • Optional IR TX and RX pigtails included for use when hiding transmitter and receiver units
    • Compatible with most universal full band carrier frequency infrared remote
    • Features frequency hopping technology to minimize RF interference
    • Includes (2) 5V DC power supplies



    • Compatible with most universal full band carrier frequency infrared Remote

    • Frequency hopping technology to minimize RF interference • Digital encrypted to ensure safety and reliability

    • IR frequency: 20kHz-60kHz

    • Dual-band IR

    • Power: 5VDC, 500mA

    • 433MHz RF resistant

    • Operating Temperature: 14-158 degrees Fahrenheit

    • Transmitter/Receiver Dimensions: 45mm diameter x 15mm

    • IR TX Dimensions: 10mm x 5mm x 5mm

    • IR RX Dimensions: 20mm x 5mm x 5mm



    Before attempting to use this unit, please check the packaging and make sure the following items are contained in the shipping carton:

    • (1) Wireless Transmitter

    • (1) Wireless Receiver

    • (1) IR TX pigtail cable

    • (1) IR RX pigtail cable

    • (2) DC 5V, 500mA power supplies

    • (1) User Manual


    Using the Wireless IR kit is easy:

    1. Place the IR receiver(s) in your desired location(s).

    2. Place the IR emitter(s) on the device(s) you want to control. The emitter should be placed directly on the IR sensor of the device you are trying to control.

    3. Plug the IR receiver in the IR receiver jack on the wireless receiver and plug the IR emitters into the emitter jacks of the connecting block.

    4. Connect the power supply to each end.


    NOTE: This is a 5v device which can be powered using the USB port of other devices if the specifications allow it. Check the specifications of the product you are trying to use for power before you go on site.

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