WBT - High End Connectors for Audio Equipment, RCA and Speaker connectors

Connectors should let the signal through and not interfere with or affect it. Twenty years of research and development in this field has shown WBT how to design and manufacture products with little effect on signal transfer. Each plug and socket already has a transition point which must be overcome by the signal. Inferior connectors can act as a filter, which would then absorb all what you actually want to hear.

WBT has continued to produce connectors specifically for the high-end audio industry over the last 20+ years. The product line has expanded from the first RCA type plug to include male and female RCA type connectors, binding posts, banana plugs and spade lugs with functionally unique features that truly elevate them to the top. WBT products are very popular with audio cable and equipment manufacturers worldwide and can be found as standard equipment on many well respected brands. Additionally, WBT currently holds more than 20 patents pertaining to audio connectors.

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