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    WBT-0730.01-KIT, Set of 4 WBT Binding Posts, 2 Spacer blocks, 1 Torx key, Boxed. 

    A 200 ampere continuous current rating makes this connector sufficient for most functions. Spade connectors are securely held with a patented high compression design. Wire with a diameter of 6mm² (10AWG) can also be accepted. Accepts 4mm² banana plugs.


    1. 1. Mechanics Alle Angaben sowie technische Änderungen unter üblichem Vorbehalt   − single-segment, low-tolerance contact elements (tol. less than ± 0.02 mm) − solid basic element with 4-mm boring for banana plug, internal screw box and cross boring (dia. 5.6 mm) also for thick cables. − Adjusting nut with extra-fine thread (0.5 pitch) and free running compression pad with crossmilled surface for optimum contact pressure reduces wear on cables. 2. Materials − all solid parts made of highly ductile copper alloy − insulating material: polyamide (PA) 6 (10% glass fibre); red, white or black polycarbonate (PC) (30% glass fibre), black 3. Surfaces: − Standard: 3-layer finish, Au 0.3 µm, non-magnetic − 4. Operating characteristics Standard, Signature; Signature: plated and polished plus 1-layer finish, Au 0.3 µm or Pt 0.3 µm − continuous current ID > 200 A ID > 200 A − peak current IS > 2,000 A IS > 2,000 A − contact resistance R0 ≤ 0.1 mOhm R0 ≤ 0.07 mOhm − volume resistance RB ≤ 0.003 mOhm RB ≤ 0.002 mOhm − Isolation resistance Riso > 1010 Ohm Riso > 1010 Ohm 5. Outlines − Length, over all: Lmin = 52.1 / Lmax = 57.1 mm, overhang Lümin =28.3 /Lümax =33.3 mm − When using the connection bracket WBT-9404 the max. possible thickness of cabinet wall reduces to 5 mm 6. Connection options − Internal connection (for cables up to 10 mm² (AWG 7): a) soldering version b) crimping version − external connection: a) for (crimped) cable ends up to 6 mm² (AWG 9) using adjusting nut (2) and compression pad (3) b) for spade lugs (with 6- and 8-mm contact fork) c) for 4-mm banana plugs, also double plug (19-mm-standard spacing), see 8. 7. Mounting − as double pole terminal, using connection bracket (9) in acc. with the drawing shown left, 19-mm standard spacing, the single terminal can be installed in steps of 30°/45° − single, without connection bracket: boring: dia. 11.5+0.2 mm with 2.5x2 nut for twist protection 8. Safety instruction: Within the EU territory WBT-0730 must not be used without the safety-stick (WBT-0799) (to provisionally close the 4-mm banana-boring).

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