Wallplates - Audio/Video, Power and Network

Put your cables in the wall! For Home Theater, Audio Video Recording Studios, Whole House AV, Smarthome, RV's and Boats. We have everything from Custom Liberty PanelCrafters 1/8" thick aluminum wall plates for a high end Home Theater, Yacht or Corporate installation, to Designer Style or keystone AV DIY wall plates. Connectors include; HDMI, DVI, VGA, Speaker, XLR, S-Video, RCA, Speakon, F, mini plug, IR, or just about anything! 

Don't understand Wall Plate Terms and Basics?

See our A/V Wall Plate Guide on our blog or watch the video:

Let US Build it for you!
Design your own plates and get them assembled for Free! We offer a variety of Keystone snap-in feed-thru, female/female, connectors to fit Keystone plates.

Simply select a Keystone plate style and the keystone insert jacks. When finished, add the plate, inserts and other products to your shopping cart, and then add “BUILDIT”to your cart and we will put it together for you. 
Please be sure to email: "The Wall Plate Crew" and tell them how you want the connectors arranged, if that is important to you! Most inserts are in-stock and will ship immediately. 

Gang plate Sizes: All standard size faceplates are 4-1/2" in height.
1-Gang 2-3/4"
2-Gang 4-1/2"
3-Gang 6-3/8"
4-Gang 8-3/16"
5-Gang 10"
6-Gang 11-13/16"
7-Gang 13-5/8"
8-Gang 15-7/16"
9-Gang 17-1/4"
10-Gang 19-1/16"

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See Our Complete Line of Custom Audio/Video Cables Available in Any Length to Complete Your Installation. 
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