USB Parallel Port Printer Adapters

Connect your older Parallel port printer to your computers USB Port. A good printer can last a long time! Don't throw out that old laser printer when you can connect it to your new computers USB port with an inexpensive USB Parallel Port Printer Adapter.

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  • USB to Parallel Port Printer Adapter
    UTP1025B $19.95 Add To Cart
    USB to Parallel Port Printer Adapter.  With the SUNIX UTP1025B USB to Printer Adapter, users now have the ability to convert the connection of their parallel peripherals into USB. The UTP1025B is compatible with both...
  • UTM1925B
    USB to RS-232 and Parallel Printer Hub.  No longer would the usage of a serial or parallel device be restricted by the availability of the connectable ports on the desktop, laptop or work station system. With SUNIX...