USB Hubs, Docks and Card Readers

USB Hubs, Switches, Docks and Memory Card Readers - USB is the main Input/Output expansion and connectivity port for most computers today. Add more USB ports, connect memory cards, add other I/O through USB, the possibilities are endless...

USB Hubs can be self powered or bus powered. A bus powered hub uses power from the computer and can only supply enough power for 4 low power devices at most. USB 1.1 - 2.0 could supply a maximum of 500mA (100mA per device), while USB 3.0 can provide up to 900 mA (150mA per device). Power when using too many USB devices, and cable length are the two biggest issues you'll run into with USB. The solution? Another Hub! All Hubs are PC/Mac compatible and require no drivers.
USB Docks, Media Bays and Card Readers - Smartphone, Camera and Camcorder Memory card readers, Micro SD card adapters, and Desktop front panel mods.

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USB 3.0 - What's new in USB 3.0 and Compatibilty issues

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