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    Audio Authority SF-16M 16-channel Matrix Amplifier. 

    • 16 amplified output channels
    • 16 matrixed RCA input channels
    • 2 stereo/4 mono FlexPort inputs
    • Digital Signal Processing per output
    • Expand up to 64 output channels
    • Overrides, scenes, and groups
    • NEW Control4 Driver for SF-16M Control4 Driver for SF-16M (110.20 KiB)
    • Rack ears included

    Whether you install audio systems in commercial facilities or in homes, the SF-16M has the features and capabilities to handle just about any application you may encounter. Its flexibility and musical power give end users so much more than traditional audio systems, while giving installers a streamlined installation process. 

    The SonaFlex SF-16M is a unique blend of premium, two-channel amplification, matrix distribution, flexible input options, signal processing and open control capability. Designed and assembled in the U.S. with the custom installer in mind, the SF-16M brings a new approach to common residential and commercial distributed audio applications - one multi-purpose matrix amplifier that can be used in a variety of installations.

    Commercial Solutions
    Restaurants, sports bars, hotels, conference rooms and worship facilities are all great installation opportunities for the SF-16M. Using FlexPort inputs, override triggers and sound scenes, the SF‑16M is great solution for facility-wide paging, conference room combining/segmenting, live audio override for restaurants, nightclubs and more. See more application examples.

    Key Benefits for the End User

    Local Source Selection
    Popular consumer audio sources such as iPods, AppleTVs and BluRay players can be located near the listener and connected via Cat 5 to the FlexPort audio inputs. With the push of a button, the user switches to the local audio source and then switches back to the default audio at will. This feature is also ideal forrestaurants and clubs with live music where a user needs to override background music with audio from a mixer.

    Sound Scenes
    A Sound Scene is a system-wide snap-shot of all volume and source settings. Scenes allow the end-user to easily recall previously captured system settings. It is a perfect way to set the mood for parties, restaurant ambience and other commonly used system settings that need to be recalled with a single button press. Up to 10 Sound Scenes can be stored and recalled per SF-16M. For installations with multiple SF-16M’s linked together, additional system-wide Sound Scenes can be stored and recalled across all units.

    Output Grouping
    Allows multiple outputs to be grouped together to share volume ramping, muting, source selection and more. Groups are ideal for making large areas a single audio zone or for grouping outputs with hi-pass and low-pass filters (sub/sat combinations) so that they respond together as one zone. Up to 10 groups can be stored per SF-16M.

    Key Features


    • Input switching, signal processing, and amplification in one unified system
    • 16 analog RCA inputs combined with four Cat 5 “FlexPort” input channels allow for a total 20 mono/10 stereo matrixed inputs
    • Optional Cat 5e/6 FlexPort modules accept balanced line/mic, XLR, digital coax/optical and analog RCA audio sources
    • 16 amplified outputs can be configured as mono, stereo, or a combination of stereo and mono
    • Up to four SF-16M units can be linked together to form a powerful 16 input x 64 output audio matrix, plus FlexPort inputs
    • Class-D amplification provides a conservatively rated 45 watts per channel (all channels driven) or 60 watts (8 channels driven)
    • Linear power supply delivers the warmth and musicality of an analog amplifier, combined with the responsiveness and headroom required for dynamic music content
    • Signal processing tools include hi- and low-shelf filters (Bass/Treble), hi- and low-pass filters, and up to seven bands of parametric equalization per output
    • 10 audio overrides (triggered by contact closure, IR, and RS-232, commands) provide a convenient method to switch to alternate audio inputs for appplications such as paging, local source selection, and room combining
    • 10 preset sound scenes (a system-wide snap-shot of all volume and source settings) can be saved and recalled using IR, RS-232 or IP commands
    • 10 audio groups allow multiple outputs to be grouped to share volume ramping, muting, and source selection
    • Compatible with virtually any control system available using RS-232, Ethernet or IR commands- NEW Control4 Driver for SF-16M Control4 Driver for SF-16M (110.20 KiB)
    • Easy setup via PC configuration utility

    FlexPort Cat 5 Audio Transmitters (available soon)

    • FPM-U accepts two RCA inputs, either one stereo or two mono sources
    • FPM-D accepts one digital audio source, converting it to analog for transmission to the SF-16 (local analog output also available)
    • FPM-X accepts mic or line audio, via XLR or 1/4 inch jack, from microphone or mixer outputs
    • FPM-B accepts balanced audio from mixers, microphones, or balanced audio sources includes override connection for push to talk microphones


    Control Interfaces

    • Ethernet
    • RS-232 Serial
    • Front panel IR sensor
    • Rear panel IR input (3.5 mm jack)
    • Front panel capacitive touch buttons and knob with LCD screen

    The SF-16M PC Configuration Utility is an easy way to set up source and output names, audio settings, groups, sound scenes, override actions, and all other features of the SF-16M. 



    Flexible Input Options
    Most pro and consumer audio sources can be used with the SF-16M via its unique FlexPort™ audio inputs. Up to four FlexPort audio modules can be connected, via Cat-5, to each SF-16M. Module options include balanced line/mic, XLR, digital coax/optical, and analog RCA inputs, accommodating anything from pro audio mixers to Apple TV media players. FlexPort modules include an illuminated button that may be used to trigger audio override at all pre-selected SF-16M outputs. 

    Scalable Outputs
    Any amplified output of the SF-16M can be assigned as mono or stereo, allowing for 16 mono, 8 stereo, or a mixture of both mono and stereo speaker locations per chassis. The SF-16M can split mono inputs to stereo outputs and combine stereo inputs to mono outputs. Up to four SF-16M units can be linked together to form a powerful 64 output system, with shared source signals and optionally shared FlexPort signals. 

    Pure, Stable and Reliable Power

    Using Class-D digital amplification, the SF-16M produces a conservatively rated 45 watts per channel (all channels driven) or 60 watts (8 channels driven) at 8 Ohms and is stable to 4 Ohms. The SF-16M is so rock-solid that even a dead short to the outputs won’t negatively affect the unit. The SF-16M shuts off the amplifier stage until the short is corrected and then comes back on without a power cycle.

    Innovative Linear Power Supply
    Quite possibly the most impressive benefit of the SF-16M is its dynamic audio quality. Competing Class-D products use switching power supplies, which are efficient, but have a serious flaw: they can’t manage large transient peaks, resulting in audio distortion. The SF-16M hybrid linear supply has the headroom to respond to musical dynamics with extra power, because its analog design allows its floating voltage rail to accommodate quick transient peaks in the music, instead of clipping, like the switching supply does.

    Quality Front-End Components
    The SF-16M features 24-Bit, 96-kHz Burr-Brown A/D conversion with 64-times oversampling, resulting in natural, acurate sound reproduction of the input source material.

    Signal Processing Tools
    The SF-16M provides a rich palette of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) tools that allow the installer to custom-tune every sonic environment. For basic installations, use DSP such as bass, treble, balance and loudness. For more advanced home or commercial applications, use hi/low pass filters and up to 7-bands of parametric equalization per output.

    Pass-Thru Mode
    When you need a great sounding amp to use with an existing audio matrix, the SF-16M excels, providing 16 RCA inputs and DB-25 source audio loop outputs for system expansion. In addition, the SF-16M’s DB-25 input allows for quick connection to Audio Authority audio matrix switchers such as HLX and ADX. The built-in FlexPort audio inputs can still be used in pass-thru mode to override any on-board RCA audio input, allowing for features such as local source selection, paging override, doorbell override, and room combining.

    Open Control Architecture
    The SF-16M is compatible with virtually any control system available today using RS-232, Ethernet or IR commands. 2-way drivers for many of the top control systems are available for download from our website. In addition, iPad control of the SF‑16M is available by downloading control templates based on the Command Fusion control platform.*

    Easy Setup
    Advanced setup tasks (input/output naming, group assignments, sound scene setup) are easy to perform using the SF-16M Audio Matrix Amplifier Software SF-16M Audio Matrix Amplifier Software (1.42 MiB) . The beta version is now available. The SF-16M’s front panel VFD display allows for access to basic settings required in a typical install. For added security, the front panel can be locked out, preventing tampering of system settings.


    Power Per Channel (All Channels Driven): 45W @ 8 Ohms, 60W @ 4 Ohms
    Power Per Channel (8 Channels Driven): 60W @ 8 Ohms, 80W @ 4 Ohms
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-1db
    Full Power Bandwidth: 20Hz to 20kHz
    S/N Ratio: 96dB
    Channel Separation: 70dB(channel to channel @1kHz)
    THD+N: <0.7% @ full power output
    IMD: <0.5% @ full power output
    Input Sensitivity: 0.5Vrms
    Input Impedance: 20k Ohms
    Audio Clock Frequency: 96KHz
    Output Clock Frequency: 385KHz
    Output Protection: Short Circuit, Over-Temperature, Overload
    Line Voltage & Frequency: 100-120VAC 50-60Hz
    Power Consumption: 1125W continuous, 1280W for 2 minutes
    Maximum Current Draw: 10A RMS
    Heat Output: 38/68 BTU/hr
    Dimensions without rack ears and feet (H x W x D): 3U, 5.22” x 16.60” x 14”
    Net Weight: 41 lb.
    Shipping Weight: 49 lb.
    Approvals FCC, ETL
    Warranty: Two years, parts and labor

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