Shinybow SB-5669CK 16x16 HDMI and HDBaseT UHD 4K2K Matrix Switch


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    16x16 HDMI and HDBaseT™ UHD 4K2K Matrix Switch with Full EDID Management/Learning

    The SB-5669CK is professional 16x16 matrix routing switch. Supporting (16) HDMI Inputs and (16) HDMI Outputs & (16) HDBaseT™ Outputs. The SB-5669CK is based on HDBaseT™ standards and supports full resolution HDMI video with embedded HDCP, RS-232 and bi-directional IR, all over a single CAT6/6a/7 category cable. With a signal bandwidth of 340Mhz, there is no signal degradation. High Definition Digital signals can be selected and distributed to any (16) Inputs to (32) Outputs simultaneously (channel outputs mirrored). The switcher is certified as being fully CEC and HDCP 2.0 compliant with HDMI V1.4a, 4K2K, 3D formats and data rates up to 6.75 Gbps. Using the build-in booster, each HDMI output port is capable of driving cable lengths for 1080p up to 98 feet (30M) & 4K2K up to 66 feet (20M). Supports UXGA/WUXGA/DVI 1920x1200 resolution to any HD displays. The SB-5669CK has (16) HDMI connector Inputs and (16) HDBaseT™ & (16) HDMI output, effectively making this an (16) in x (32) out switcher (same signal on both outputs). Using the HDBaseT™ output remote transmitter allows you to connect a source in a remote location. Likewise, the HDBaseT™ output and our HDBaseT™ receiver allows you to connect a display in a remote location. EDID management can be selected between (7) different modes and control is provided via front panel push buttons, IR remote, RS-232 or TCP/IP (not a web-browser). A RS-232 Windows GUI interface is provided for matrix routing control (Windows only).

    Enables switching of (16) HDMI digital source devices to (16) HDMI devices and (16) HDBaseT™ Transmitter outputs to (32) destinations
    New IR Matrix Source Routing Control
    HDBaseT™ specification with Bi-Directional IR, RS-232, Multi Audio Format and HD video signals over single CATx (6/6a/7) category cable
    HDMI digital video w/ embedded HDCP, DVI format and CEC/HDCP 2.0 compliant
    Worldwide EDID control modes for HDMI full 4K2K HD video resolutions
    Link speeds of up to 6.75 Gbps (link clock rate of 340MbHz), Supports HDMI 1.4a , 4K2K & 3D formats
    Wide range of HD resolutions from PC XGA to WUXGA 1920x1200 and HDTV/DTV HDMI resolutions 480i/480p, 576i/576p, 720p, 1080i/p & 4K2K (24/30Hz)
    Compatible with all HDMI source devices, PC monitors, Plasma HD displays, HDTV and audio receivers or audio amplifiers
    Digital video TMDS formats resolutions up to 4K2K with Deep color 36-bit
    Digital audio support digital multi-channel audio: Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plug/ex, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-HD Master, DTS-EX PCM, PCM2, LPCM2
    HDBaseT™ supported with IR Remote and RS-232 signals over a single CATx (6/6a/7) category cable
    Various User Interface controls:
    Windows based GUI control via RS-232 port
    Front panel push button
    IR wireless remote controller
    Ethernet switch control (via PC protocol commands)
    Third party RS-232 controller (via simple ASCII)
    Supports (7) world wide control function keys:
    Full function front panel controls: ALL / OFF / EDID / LOCK / RECALL / MEMORY / ENTER
    Support EDID Modes:
    a. Embedded EDID modes: FSS (fast speed start)/ H24-3D/ H24-3D-M/ H36-3D/ H36-3D-M/ 4K2K-3D / DVI-D 1920x1200-60Hz
    b. External Modes: Learning mode (learning destination EDID link to source device)
    Automatic scanning input & output status via LCM showout on front panel
    Using the build-in booster, each HDMI output port is capable of driving cable lengths of 1080p up to 98 ft (30M) & 4K2K up to 66 ft (20M)
    Supports IR remotes and IR extenders for distances up to ~ 984 ft (300M) Maximum
    Supports Universal power adaptor AC100V~AC240V, 50/60Hz

    Type of HDMI Switcher: (16) HDMI Inputs to (16) HDMI & (16) HDBaseT™ Outputs Matrix Switcher
    HDMI Support: HDMI 4K2K, 1080p-@60Hz, H36-bit Deep color, 3D of HDMI V1.4 formats
    HDBaseT™ Support: HDMI digital signals, bi-directional IR and RS-232 over single CATx (6/6a/7) cable
    HDCP/CEC Support: HDCP 1.3 Compliant, CEC Compliant
    Video Bandwidth: Double Data Rates: 340 MHz, total 6.75 Gbps bandwidth
    Digital Video Support: HD: 480i/ 480p/ 720p/ 1080i/p and 4K2K up to 36bit deep color
    Inputs: HDMI: (16) HDMI (HDMI or DVI digital source)
    HDMI: (16) HDMI (to Destination)
    HDBaseT™: (16) HDBaseT™ Transmitters via single category cable using RJ-45 connectors
    HDMI Digital Multi-Channel Audio Support: Multi Audio Formats 5.1 / 7.1, MAT(MLP), Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, DTS-ES 6CH, DTS-HD, DTS-HD-HRA, DTS-HD Master, (PCM-2CH)
    Booster (HDMI Output Each): *1080p up to ~98 ft (30M) & 4K2K up to ~66 ft (20M)
    HDBaseT™ Control:
    IR Control:
    16x IR in (Sends IR signals to 16x rooms via a HDBaseT™ Transmitter)
    1x ALL IR in (Sends IR signals to 16x rooms via a HDBaseT™ Transmitter)
    16x IR out (Links IR signals to a Receive from 16x rooms via a HDBaseT™ Extender)
    1x ALL IR out (Links IR signals to a Receive from 16x rooms via a HDBaseT™ Extender)
    RS-232 I/O Control:
    16x RS-232 I/O (RS-232 controls 16x rooms via a HDBaseT™ Extender Tx)
    Switcher Controls:
    1x Select & Function buttons on front panel (Data status via LCM panel show out)
    1x IR Remote Controller (switch control), p/n: SW-HD69CK
    16x IR Room Remote Controller (switch control), p/n: SW-HD69CK01~16
    1x IR External port (switch control via 3.5mm OD Jack)
    1x RS-232 series interface (switch control)
    1x Ethernet series interface (switch control)
    Source Status: Input status LEDs indicates presence of a live signal
    (39) Function Control Key: ALL / OFF / RECALL / ENTER / MEMORY / LOCK / EDID / Destination 1 thru 16 / Source 1 thru 16
    (7) EDID Management:
    Select Embedded EDID modes:
    Mode1: Fast Speed Start® / Mode2: H24-3D / Mode3: H24-3D-M / Mode4: H36-3D / Mode5: H36-3D-M / Mode6: 4K2K-3D, PCM-2CH / Mode7: DVI-D 1920x1200
    Learning Mode:
    Select LEARNING mode-1: Learning single Destination EDID to Link Source
    Select LEARNING mode-2: Learning multiple Destination EDID to Link Source
    Infrared Frequency: 38 Khz
    IR Extend Distance: SB-100 (~984ft/300M maximum), SB-100C (~6.5ft/2M)
    HDBaseT™ Extender Distance: ~328ft / 100M maximum
    HDMI I/O Connector: HDMI Type A-SMD 19-pin female type
    Temperature: Operate in a place between 32°F-100°F (0°C-38°C)
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.32 x 11.81 x 6.93 in (442x300x176 mm)
    Rack Mount: 4RU High 19 in Rack Mount #4U-440L (with rack mount ears)
    Power Supply: AC 100~240 VAC 50/60Hz (Power Consumption:10A Maximum)
    Safety Approvals: CE, FCC, REACH
    Product Weight: 4.575 Kgs/10.45 lb

    In The Box:
    SB-5669CK Matrix Switcher
    RS-232 V2.0 / Ethernet V2.0 Protocol Instructions
    Master wireless IR Remote Control (SW-5669)
    (16) Individual wireless IR Controls (SW-5669CK-IR01~IR16)
    19 inch Ear mount bracket (Part # 4U-440L)
    SB-100 IR Extender distance ~984 feet (300M) Receiver set
    SB-101 IR Extender distance ~984 feet (300M) Transmitter set
    SB-101C IR Extender distance 6.5 feet (2M) Transmitter Cable
    SB-100C IR Extender distance 6.5 feet (2M) Receiver Cable
    CD Contents: This manual, Windows GUI, ISP V1.0 Windows driver
    RS-232 Cable 6.5 feet (2M)
    ISO Screws
    Users Guide
    Worldwide Universal Power Supply 100~240 VAC, AC 50/60Hz, 10A

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