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Mini 3.5 to Mini 3.5 4 pole A/V Cable

Connect portable audio/video devices to transmit both in one cable!

ITEM: 55869B12

Right angle male to male audio and video interface cable for portable A/V devices using 4 conductor 3.5mm input/output jacks.
Carries composite video and L+R audio signals
Commonly used as extension cable on Dual Display Car DVD players



this is good !!!!
By jorge
i love this product i will recommend to anyone "L" shape connector makes it easier to locate anywhere . good an durable design . good quality too . no fuzzy picture on dual dvd players .
Perfect Length, Great Quality
By Tony
This is a hard to find cable, glad I found this site. Perfect for my two DVD players in the car to share audio/video. Good length as well, as I was able to hide the cable in the seats and center console. Kids can't accidently rip the cable out now (which is what happened to the original 6ft one). Picture/Sound quality is excellent no matter which player supplies the signal.
No video output
By Phil Mendel
Cable did NOT transfer the video signal as promised, just audio.
exactly what I needed!
By David H
This cable allowed me to connect the two DVD players in my car. The extra length gives me room to hide the cable under the carpet. The right angle ends helps keep the cables in the unit and avoids damage from bending the cable.
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