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Analog RGB and YPbPr Video Test Pattern Generator, TVOne 1T-TG-PCHD

Analog RGB and YPbPr Video Test Pattern Generator, TVOne 1T-TG-PCHD


1T-TG-PCHD and 1T-TG-DVI are ultra compact DVI and Analog RGB Test Pattern Generators designed for portable applications. The output resolution and refresh rate can be selected from a wide variety of presets. Model 1T-TG-PCHD provides an Analog output via an HD-15 Connector. Model 1T-TG-DVI provides a DVI-D output via a DVI-I Connector. The 25 test patterns provided were selected as the most useful for video reference and troubleshooting applications.

Both models are 5VDC powered and the Power Adapters are included. Locking DC Connectors are provided for security.

Key Features of Test Pattern Generators

•    Ultra Compact, High Performance Units
•    Analog or DVI Versions
•    PC up to 1280x1024 and HDTV Resolutions
•    25 Test Patterns


Output Resolutions (Note 1)
VESA Resolution Format / Refresh Rates
VGA 640x480 RGBHV 50, 60, 72, 75, 85Hz
SVGA 800x600 RGBHV 50, 60, 72, 75, 85Hz
XGA 1024x768 RGBHV 50, 60, 70, 75, 85Hz
WXGA 1280x768 RGBHV 50, 60Hz
SXGA 1280x1024 RGBHV 50, 60Hz
480p 852x480 RGBHV 50, 60Hz
576p 852x576 RGBHV 50, 60Hz
720p 1280x720 RGBHV 50, 60Hz
1080i 1920x1080 (i) RGBHV 50, 60Hz (Note 2)

Output Format
1T-TG-PCHD Analog: RGBHV, YPbPr via HD15
1T-TG-DVI DVI-D: RGBHV via DVI-I Connect

Test Patterns
Color Bars Color Bars/Multi-Burst (2 types)
Grayscale-Light>Dark Multi-Burst (Note 3)
Grayscale-Dark>Light Checkerboard
Fade - Black to White White, Yellow or Cyan Field
Cross Hatch - Standard Green, Magenta or Red Field
Cross Hatch - Small Blue or Black Field
Alt. 1 Pixel B/W Lines H or E Pattern
Alt. 2 Pixel B/W Lines Large Circle
Alt. 3 Pixel B/W Lines Circles - Repeating
Alt. 4 Pixel B/W Lines Chinese Characters (3x)

Mechanical – 1T-TG-PCHD
1T-TG-PCHD (H-W-D) 30x133x76mm (1.2"x5.25"x3")
1T-TG-DVI (H-W-D) 30x146x76mm (1.2"x5.75"x3")
Weight (Net) 280 g (0.63 lbs)

Operating Temperature 0° to +50° C (+32° to +122° F)
Operating Humidity 10% to 90%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -10° to +60° C (+14° to +140° F)
Storage Humidity 10% to 90%, Non-condensing

Power Requirement
External Power Supply 5VDC@2A - Locking DC

Regulatory Approvals
Amplifier Units FCC, CE, RoHS
Power Supplies UL, CUL, CE, PSE, GS, RoHS

Limited Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labor

Accessories Included
1x Power Adapter US, UK or Euro
1x Operations Manual

(1) 1T-TG-PCHD also has YPbPr out for HDTV Resolutions.
(2) The 1080i is actually a doubled 540p signal, which is
recognized as a 1080i by most HDTV Displays.
(3) Not a true Multi-Burst. Alternating B/W Vertical Lines.

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