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HDMI version 1.3 Extender with video and DDC Correction

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HDMI version 1.3 Extender with DDC Correction
Model 1391A
$169.00 USD

The 1391A HDMI Extender allows HDMI signals to be transmitted up to 40 meters or more (about 130 feet) without signal loss or degradation. This extender features a DDC correction circuit that prevents corruption of the low-speed data bus in an HDMI transmission - one of the major causes of HDCP handshake problems.

Many HDMI extenders condition only the high speed video and clock signals - the 1391A treats high speed video, clock, and the DDC channel for maximum effectiveness.

HDCP compliant, ATC tested and certified. HDMI ver. 1.3 compliant

 • DDC (EDID) correction for proper display recognition
 • External power supply for solid reliability
 • Supports HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i & 1080p
 • 1 input, 1 output (HDMI)
 • Recommended maximum cable length per unit is 40 meters
 • Locate near end of cable run
 • HDCP compliant
 • All metal construction

A Better Extender through DDC Correction
Many mysterious handshake problems occur due to corruption of the DDC (Display Data Channel), yet many HDMI extenders simply pass through this information without conditioning it. The 1391A actively preserves DDC information by compensating for skew, impedance, and capacitance - all factors that can cause errors in long cable runs. It also equalizes the high speed video channels to insure the perfect image transmission expected when using HDMI.

What is the Data Display Channel (DDC)?
Along with other responsibilities, the DDC handles the critical "key exchange" between HDCP sources. If this connection is not constantly maintained, image drops and loss of handshake will occur, resulting in static or no picture. Even if the video signals are completely intact, a failed DDC communication channel will result in no HDCP handshake, and therefore no picture.

Greater Reliability
Most other products designed to extend HDMI over long cable runs rely on the power supplied by the source over the HDMI cable's built-in 5V rail. This is strictly prohibited by the HDMI specification - and for good reason! This 5V power rail was intended to initialize the hot-plug detection circuit on the downstream HDMI devices (display, AV Receiver, etc.), and if the full voltage is not present, the HDCP handshake cannot initialize.

The 1391 is powered by a separate, external power supply to ensure solid reliability and excellent performance, in total compliance with HDMI specifications.

Using the 1391A Extender/DDC Corrector
The Model 1391 reconstitutes the HDMI signal at the end of long cable runs, just before the display input. The maximum cable length from the source to the 1391 input is 40 meters. The cable length from the 1391A output may be up to 5 meters using premium cables. In some cases, more than one 1391A can be used in a single cable run, but this configuration is not recommended.

Product Dimensions
(HxWxL, inches)
 • 1 x 2.5 x 2 x 1

Audio Authority offers an extensive line of compliant distribution amplifiers, repeaters and switchers for HDMI signals. All units are FCC, and CE approved, and all power supplies are UL, CE and CSA approved.

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Audio Authority 1391A

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