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IR Remote Control for Gefen 4-Input Matrix Switchers


IR Remote for 4x4 Matrixes


The Gefen RMT-16IR IR Remote Control allows effortless selection of sources to be displayed on the connected displays when using a 4-input Matrix Switcher.

How It Works

Simply point the RMT-16IR at your Gefen Matrix Switcher unit from up to 30 feet away. Press the buttons corresponding to the desired source(s) and the Gefen Matrix Switcher unit will display the chosen source(s) on your display(s). An LED indicator light confirms each keypress to show that IR commands are being sent to the Gefen unit. 

Note:  Note: The RMT-16IR IR Remote Control and the Gefen unit to be controlled must be in a direct line of sight without objects between them in order to function properly and achieve the 30-foot maximum distance range of operation. 


Compact, small and light unit fits in a pocket

Controls your Gefen unit from up to 30 feet away (when used in line-of-sight orientation)

Gefen RMT-16IR

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Dimensions: 2.7" W x 4.5" H x 0.7" D

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.

Package Includes:

(1) RMT-16IR IR Remote Control

(2) Batteries for the Remote Control (one is required for operation, one is a spare)


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