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iPhone Aux Jack-LR Stereo

Monster Cable for connecting your favorite music playing device to your stereo!

ITEM: 123874

Monster® iCable® for iPod® and iPhone™

• 24k gold-plated contacts for greater signal integrity.
• Straight-cut Turbine® RCA and split-tip pin for superior contact pressure.
• Twisted pair XLN® technology for superior noise rejection.
• Now compatible with iPhone recessed headphone jack.

Play Your iPod® on Your Stereo
The easiest way to listen to music.
Your iPod makes it fun and easy to keep your favorite music with you just about anywhere. Now you can connect it quickly and easily to a stereo so you can share tunes with friends or get ?bigger? sound at home—with Monster® iCable. DJ at a party, share playlists with friends or just enjoy full stereo without the headphones at home.

Technology Advanced - Monster Audio Technologies Deliver Great Sound iPod is capable of delivering great MP3 sound, but you still need a high-quality connection to get optimal sound from it. Monster iCable for iPod incorporates advanced Monster Cable audio interconnect technologies into an extra-long (7 ft.) design to match the portability of your iPod. 24k gold contacts help maximize signal transfer and resist corrosion, while DoubleHelix™ Construction, Dual ?Balanced? Conductors and patented multi-gauge wire networks help eliminate noise and interference while delivering more natural, balanced digital music reproduction.

iCableTake Your Music Beyond the Headphones—with Monster iCable Pack your Monster iCable in the included cable pouch and take it wherever you take your iPod. Whether you want to share music at a party or just get ?bigger sound? from your MP3s at home, Monster iCable for iPod makes it fast, easy and sound great.

Compatible with: Any iPod, MP3 player, Apple and PC Computer.

Connection Instructions:
1. Take the 3.5mm jack and plug into the headphone jack of an iPod or other portable MP3 player.
2. Plug the red and blue RCA's into the AUX inputs on the receiver. Match the Red RCA to the Red post and Blue RCA to the white post on the back of the receiver.
3. Select the AUX input on your receiver. You can use any audio input on the back of the receiver that is not currently being used by a different device except Phono. Because this cable uses the headphone jack you will want to make sure that the volume is turned up on the iPod.
4. Set the EQ to off otherwise you may have a conflict with whatever EQ settings that you have on your receiver.

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