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Easy VGA or Component Video to HDMI converter

ITEM: 9393

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A very easy solution to connect your Computer with VGA output to your HDMI equipped TV, or you can use it for converting Component Video (Y-Pr-Pb) to HDMI.
The 9393 has a Built-In Automatic Scaler with a fixed 720P output resolution to avoid compability problems.

What makes this unit stand out over competing boxes? Versatility! It supports a very wide range of VGA resolutions and refresh rates including widescreen resolutions so it does a much better job scaling for widescreen HDTV's...

More Versatility:
Use with your PC or laptop with VGA output when you need it, switch to a device like the PSP, DVD, Wii, X-box, with component output, all in one "Plug and Play" Box!

9393 Features:

• 9393 is a VGA (with audio) to HDMI Scaler + Component (with audio) to HDMI Scaler all in one box;
• It is with high-quality scaling chipset to up-scale PC VGA or Component Video (YPbPr) signal to standard HDMI;
• Compared with a VGA to HDMI Converter without a scaler, the advantage of the 9393 is it works with all brands and models of PCs and HDTVs.

There is no resolution compatibility problem and users need not set the resolution of PC and HDTV

• Input: 1 x VGA, 1 x Component Video (Y Pb Pr), 1 x Stereo AUDIO (R/L);
• Output: 1 x HDMI;
• PC VGA Resolution: 640x480(60Hz;75Hz,85Hz),800x600(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz),1024x768(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz),1280x720 (60Hz),1280x768 (60Hz), 1280x800 (60Hz), 1280x960 (60Hz);
• Component Video (YPbPr) Resolution: 480i (60 Hz), 480P (60Hz),576i (50 Hz), 576P (50 Hz),720P (50Hz,60Hz),1080i (50 Hz, 60 Hz), 1080P (50 Hz, 60 Hz).

Free HDMI Cable included! In the Box:
VGA cable
3.5 Audio cable
Power supply
User manual
Package Box

VGI to HDMI Converter
By John H
I wanted to hook up my PC in my shop to my 42" HDTV so I wouldn't need a monitor or speakers. More space in a shop is always great. Well, I was skeptical when I found this converter. The video does not do it justice. It's an easy hook up and works great. It's priced right too. Ram was fast to ship too. 2 days from NJ to Tx I had it.
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