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FlexPort Audio Transmitter Stereo RCA via Cat 5 with Analog RCA inputs



  •     Stereo or mono RCA input
  •     Range up to 500 feet from SF-16M
  •     Cat 5/6/7 cable
  •     Daisy chain option
  •     Illuminated override button
  •     White, black, ivory, almond inserts included

FlexPort™ Audio Input Transmitters serve as remote input modules for SonaFlex™ SF-16M Matrix Amplifiers. FlexPort transmitters are available in several different styles, including balanced line/mic, XLR, digital SPDIF and analog RCA audio signals. Audio signals are transmitted to an SF-16M via Cat 5e/6/7 cable up to 500 feet and made available to specified amplified outputs, and can be shared with up to three additional SF-16M amplifiers. Each transmitter has a convenient override button.

Key Features

  •     Provides convenient remote input point for audio sources such as computers, MP3 players, CD and DVD players
  •     Convenient Override switch provides a simple user interface at the transmitter location
  •     Differential balanced line technology eliminates interference, enabling FlexPort transmitters to be located up to 500 feet away from the SF-16M without signal degradation
  •     Up to four FlexPort transmitters may be used with one SF-16M
  •     Simple connection via one Cat 5/6/7 cable; daisy chain two FlexPort transmitters on each SF-16M input

About the SonaFlex SF-16M
The SF-16M digital matrix amplifier is a unique blend of multi-channel amplification, flexible input options, audio matrix switching, signal processing and open control capability. Designed and assembled in the U.S. with sound and video integrators in mind, the SF-16M offers a new approach to commercial and residential distributed audio applications - one multi-purpose matrix amplifier that can be used in a variety of installations.

  •     Input switching, signal processing, and amplification in one unified system
  •     16 analog RCA inputs combined with four Cat 5 “FlexPort” input channels allow for a total 20 mono/10 stereo matrixed inputs
  •     16 amplified outputs can be configured as mono, stereo, or a combination of stereo and mono
  •     Up to four SF-16M units can be linked together to form a powerful 16 input x 64 output audio matrix, plus FlexPort inputs
  •     Linear power supply delivers the warmth and musicality of an analog amplifier, combined with the responsiveness and headroom required for dynamic music content
  •     DSP tools include hi- and low-shelf filters, hi- and low-pass filters, and up to seven bands of parametric equalization per output
  •     10 audio overrides (triggered by contact closure, IR, or RS-232, commands) provide a convenient method to switch to alternate audio inputs for appplications such as paging, local source selection, and room combining
  •     10 preset sound scenes (a system-wide snap-shot of all volume and source settings) can be saved and recalled using IR, RS-232 or IP commands
  •     10 audio groups allow multiple outputs to be grouped to share volume ramping, muting, and source selection
  •     Compatible with virtually any control system available using RS-232, Ethernet or IR commands- NEW Control4 Driver for SF-16M Control4 Driver for SF-16M (110.55 KiB)

Compatible FlexPort Cat 5 Audio Transmitters

  •     FPM-D accepts one digital audio source, converting it to analog for transmission to the SF-16 (plus RCA for local analog output)
  •     FPM-X accepts mic or line audio, via XLR or 1/4 inch jack, from microphone or mixer outputs
  •     FPM-B accepts balanced audio from mixers, microphones, or balanced audio sources includes override connection for push to talk microphones


Audio Authority FPM-U

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S/N Ratio:    96dB
Channel Separation:    70dB(channel to channel @1kHz)
Input Sensitivity:     0.5Vrms
Input Z Impedance:    FPM-U: 20k Ohms, FPM-D: 75 Ohms, FPM-X and FPM-B: 2k Ohms
Accepted Bit Rates (FPM-D)    44.1, 48, or 96KHz
Dimensions (H x W x D):    4 x 1.65 x 3.65 including mounting tabs; 2.8 x 1.65 x 3.65 without tabs (inches)
Net Weight:    9.5 oz. (270g)
Shipping Weight:    12 oz. (340g)
Approvals    FCC
Warranty:    Two years, parts and labor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use mono and stereo sources in the same system?
A: Yes. Source signals can be split or combined for any output or combination of outputs. For instance, a stereo source can be combined into a mono signal and routed to multiple speaker outputs, and a mono source can be played on both speakers of a stereo output.

Q: Can I use a serial or telnet command to override a FlexPort input?
A: Yes, but make sure the FlexPort module's override type is set to "TOGGLE." If it is set to "MOMENTARY" the override will be instantly shut off by the FlexPort module.

Q: Can I use FlexPort inputs from one SF-16M on a second SF-16M?
A: Yes, FlexPort inputs in an expanded SonaFlex system may either be used separately, or across SF-16M units. The FlexPort output bus jacks must be manually linked to connect from one chassis to the next, so multiple configurations are possible.

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