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WBT-0110AG-KIT, Set of 4 WBT nextgen Signature RCA Plugs, WBT™ solder, Torx™ key, boxed


  Passivated pure fine silver contacts. The body is constructed of Ultramid®, while the negative contact uses Dyneon™. The Barrel is comprised of Al/Mg alloy for improved rejection of EMI. With a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms, the WBT-0110 makes the perfect match for digital audio and video. The maximum size conductor that can be used is 1.5mm? / 16-17 AWG. Maximum diameter of cable with dielectric is 9mm? / 0.354 inches?. Connector body available in nine different colors for multichannel identification. The barrel is offered in cobalt blue only.

WBT nextgen™
plugs and sockets are delivered with red and white color code as a standard. On top of it, they are available with the following colors as well:

•   White: stereo left
•   Red: stereo right
•   Blue: rear (speaker) left
•   Gray: rear (speaker) right
•   Green: center speaker
•   Purple: subwoofer
•   Orange: digital audio
•   Yellow: composit video
•   Black: video-synchronization-vertical

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