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Multi-Format TV to PC or PC to TV Video Converter, PAL/NTSC

ITEM: SB3690

SB-3690 Digital Video Converter delivers high-quality converted pictures, exceptional super-stable synchronism and superior color separation. It is ideal for tape conversion, DVD players, digital camcorders, video editing & capture, multi-system VCR and multimedia applications.




Tape conversion: You can exchange tapes with friends or relatives living abroad, or for business and education. PAL or NTSC VCR is required to do this. ( Note: if you have a PAL or NTSC tape then you have to have a VCR that is able to play that tape as well as this converter, you will not be able to play a PAL tape in an NTSC VCR and likewise, you will not be able to play an NTSC tape in a PAL1 VCR ).

TVs: Take your NTSC American TV overseas or bring your PAL TV to the USA . Using the high quality conversion quality of the SB-3690 to convert TV signals you can use any PAL or NTSC TV to view any type of broadcast signal in the world. Eliminating the need to buy a new multi-system TV set. Since this converter has a digital video processing, you will have a very low signal degradation, almost impossible to see the difference. Note that the SB-3690 will not covert an RF signal.

International travel and relocation: You can use your video equipment with the SB-3690 while traveling or relocating to a country using a different TV system. Can be used for many business purposes such as: Airline, Ship and Train.

Camcorders: Use your PAL camcorder in the USA or your NTSC camcorder overseas on a PAL TV. You can also convert movies from your camcorder. For example: Make a NTSC tape from a PAL camcorder using the SB-3690 to convert the signal.

Computer: Use SB-3960 to connect your computer to standard TV or Projector, for gaming or presentation purposes. Also you would be able to view any of your home video equipment on a computer monitor.

Analog converters in most of the cases will not convert Frequency 50/60Hz and therefore will not work with many TV's. SB-3690 is a digital converter, which means that it will handle any PAL or NTSC formats, convert frequency, real time conversion, no signal delay, will not require TV to have a vertical hold or any other special features. SB-3690 is guaranteed to work for all TV's and with all types of equipment.

  • No video delay. Real Time video Conversion
  • Use your PAL equipment in a NTSC country and NTSC equipment in a PAL country
  • Very easy to use, one time set-up no additional action needed
  • Uses a standard AV or S-Video or VGA connection to convert any input signal to any specified output source
  • Recording is permitted from any of the outputs. You can take advantage of making copies out of devices which are plugged in. Most DVD movies and VHS tapes
  • Crisp and clear converted video. Latest video correction technology. You will even get better results by using the SB-3690
  • Stand-alone and stylish compact design, light and portable for traveling
  • LED Lamp shows current input and output video signal
  • Detects input manually between: All PAL, All NTSC systems
  • Universal power adapter, which will work in any country in the world (ships with North American plug)

Audio: Audio signal needs to be sent separate audio cables to the display or recording source. There would be no audio delay.


  • Input Signal: NTSC 3.58/4.43, PAL
  • Output Signal: NTSC 3.58/4.43, PAL
  • Sampling Frequency: Y: 13.5 MHz; R-Y: 6.75 MHz; B-Y: 6.75 MHz
  • Video Input: 1 V-pp, 75 Ohm
  • VGA Input Resolution: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768
  • VGA Output Resolution: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768
  • Digital Code Bit: RGB: 8bits
  • Line: 525 = 625
  • Field: 60 = 50
  • Memory: 2mb
  • DC: 5V, 1.5A
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.75 x 1.68 x 4.48 in

What's Included:

  • SB-3690 Digital PAL/NTSC Converter
  • 6ft (2m) Composite Video Cable
  • 6ft (2m) S-Video Cable
  • 6ft VGA Cable
  • Users Guide
  • Universal Power Supply 110/240V (world power cables are available for sale)

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