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7.1 SACD Cable

"Custom Series" 8-Channel A/V Cable for 7.1 Channel Sound or A/V use!


8 Belden 1505F Cables with Canare "true 75 ohm" RCA connectors bundled in rugged Techflex for Blue-Ray, HD-DVD, SACD, DVD-A or any Audio/Video application. 2-7.5 feet long.



Designed for Professional installations


Outstanding Quality
By Nikola Tesla
I purchased this 7.1 cable to connect the audio from my new Oppo disc player into a fairly elaborate home theater system. I ordered the cable to compare the sound quality from the Oppo's DAC's to those in my preamp/processor, so this purchase was made primarily out of curiosity. Since I was planning to conduct a critical listening analysis, I wanted a high-quality analog cable. I expected the Ram Electronics cable to be high quality, but I was unprepared for build quality as outstanding as this. Simply outstanding. As for the DAC shootout, the sound quality I got using this cable and the DAC's in the Oppo blew away the audio quality I was getting from a high-quality HDMI 1.4a cable and the DAC's in my pre/pro. Better definition, as well as better channel separation. This cable has earned a permanent place in my system. Very pleased with its performance.
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