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Isolated Baseband (Composite) Video Balun, Female BNC to screw terminals.


The PV950 Isolated Video Balun from ETS is designed for baseband (CCTV), NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals. The PV950 blocks the effects of ground loops (the visual ripples and warps in the video image, often referred to as “hum bars”) when sending baseband video signals over Category 5 or better 100? twisted pair cabling (UTP or STP).
The PV950 uses special circuitry (patent applied for) to block noise ingress at the point of entry to the Category 5 cabling, yielding a better transmission medium for baseband video, especially over the longer distances required by many current applications. The baluns, passive (no power required) devices, convert baseband signals from the 75? coax cabling of any source equipment. The PV950 creates a balanced signal and sends it over 100? UTP wiring, then converts back at the receiving end, yielding excellent picture quality.

• Ideal for situations where differing ground potentials between send and receive units create ground loop conditions, degrading picture quality.
• Use UTP for long distance signal transmission with superior performance and easy, low cost installation
• Distances: Color > 330 meters, B/W > 750 meters
• Greater stability with wider bandwidth (0 to 60 Mhz)
• Rugged plastic cases
• Made in USA. 100% QA.

• Many baseband video applications
• Security and Surveillance
• Video Terminals, Displays

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6 Hz to 9.5 MHz
Insertion Loss:
1.3 dB
Return Loss:
19.4 dB
40 dB
BNC (female or male) to RJ45 jack
Category 5 or better
66mm x 66mm x 28mm
Net Weight:
0.1 kg

Isolated Baseband Video Balun, 75 OHM FBNC to RJ45 pins 5&4.
Isolated Baseband Video Balun, 75 OHM FBNC to screw terminals.

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