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RGB/S or Component Video Balun, 4 Female BNC's to RJ45 jack, all pairs are used for this balun


RGB and Component Video are baseband video transmission methods where the color values of a picture are separated into separate signals, transmitted and recombined at the display. Commercial and computer systems often use this type of system, which may be referred to as RGB, YUV, or YCrCb, among other standards. ETS has several products that address these needs, including our best-selling PV890 RGB Video Balun. This product group also encompasses our family of VGA Baluns, which use all four pairs of a UTP run to send the R, G, B and combined Sync signals.

The ETS PV890 Series of RGB Video Baluns provides you with the ability to send RGB video over standard telecom wiring (UTP), of Category 3 or better quality. The PV890 supports RGB with SOG (sync on green), using 3 pairs of UTP. The PV891 allows RGB with separate sync to be run using 4 pairs.

Both baluns support monitors with resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels, at refresh rates of up to 75 Hz. The RGB Baluns allow the user or installer to take advantage of pre-installed telecom wiring, or to realize the cost advantage of wiring with UTP instead of coax.

PV890 baluns optionally ship with 3 color-coded coax jumper cables to connect to your source and receiving equipment, order part number RGBJ3 for each set

• SOG and separate sync models available
• Send RGB over UTP at distances of up to 600 meters (150 meters
nominal using CAT3 cable)
• Supports up to 1024 x 768 resolution at 75 Hz refresh
• Meets FCC Class A
• Superior signal balancing, lower crosstalk, less ingress and ghosting
• May utilize existing telecom wiring
• Sturdy compact plastic case

• Remote Display Applications
• Video Projection Systems
• Conference Rooms
• Schools

Ordering part numbers:
PV890 RGB Video Balun – 3 BNC female (SOG)to RJ45 (R pair 4, G pair 3,
B pair 2)

PV891 RGB Video Balun – 4 BNC female (separate sync) to RJ45 (R pair
4, G pair 3, B pair 2, sync pair 1)

PV894 RGB Video Balun – 3 BNC female (SOG) to RJ45 plug 7’ cord (R
pair 4, G pair 3, B pair 2)

RGBJ3 Set of 3 Color Coded Coax Jumpers 12”

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