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Ultra Broadband (CATV) over Cat5 Cable converter, Female BNC to RJ45 jack, using pins 4 & 5

Ultra Broadband (CATV) over Cat5 Cable converter, Female BNC to RJ45 jack, using pins 4 & 5


Expanding the territories opened by the Broadband Video Baluns, ETS
introduces the PV884 and PV885 – ULTRA Broadband Video Baluns.
The frequency range has been increased and EMI reduced, both due
to enhanced filtering and an all-metal enclosure.

FCC requirements preclude boosting signal levels to the values
required to guarantee preset distances. Distance achievable is a
function of signal level, balance and the degree to which the
cable used unbalances the signal. Cat5e maintains signal balance
at least 5 dB better than Cat5. Level 7 or equivalent cable is
another 5 dB better, providing for a signal drive level of not
more than 46 dBmV.

The PV884 offers a BNC connector for use with professional grade
equipment. “Prosumer” and consumer electronics that connect
using ‘F’ connectors requires our PV885 or PV888 baluns.

• Transport ALL CATV spectrum video signals over UTP*
• Up to 120+ channels (850 MHz) in CATV spectrum
• Low cost solution for moves, adds and changes by reducing costs of
cable and associated labor of rewiring.
• Shielded metal enclosure

• Cable TV Distribution
• Media Retrieval Systems
• Schools
• Churches
• Production Monitoring
• Security and Surveillance
• Displays
• “Smart” Houses
• Teleconferencing

PV884 Ultra Broadband, female BNC to RJ45 pins 4, 5
PV885 Ultra Broadband, female ‘F’ to RJ45 pins 4, 5
PV888 Ultra Broadband, male ‘F’ on 6” pigtail to RJ45: 4, 5

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