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PowerBridge Single AC

In-Wall Power Cable Solution, Single Output.


Don't put the TV Power Cord inside the wall or ceiling!





The PowerBridge Solution for HDTV is designed specifically for wall mounted HDTV Flat Screen Plasma, Flat Panel LCD, HDTV Home Theater / Data Projectors, and Subwoofers.


If you are wall mounting your HDTV Flat Screen Plasma, Flat Panel LCD HDTV, you need the PowerBridge Solution for HDTV. Meets National Electric Code requirements for in-wall electrical wiring. Don't risk damages installing the TV power cord in the wall.

PowerBridge Solution for HDTV is the most cost effective In-Wall Electrical Solution to protect expensive Home Theater HDTV equipment from surge damage and the best solution to provide clean A/C power when connected to a Power Surge/Conditioner.

Allows all connected Home Theater HDTV components on the same A/C electrical circuit, reducing interference and line noise from separate household A/C circuits and outlets.

PowerBridge Solution for HDTV can be installed, usually in 30 minutes, at the same time as the HDTV installation.
Custom HDTV Installers throughout the country, offer PowerBridge Solution for HDTV installed at the same time as the HDTV installation, solving the issue of not wanting to see the TV power cord hanging down in front of the wall.

PowerBridge Solution for HDTV saves time and money compared to having to schedule an electrician to install a standard non-protected receptacle circuit.

PowerBridge Solution for HDTV can be wired to multiple receptacle outlets throughout the system or home, allowing all HDTV Audio and Video equipment to be power-protected through a single Power Surge Protection/Conditioning Console, saving hundreds of dollars in expensive multiple protection components.

Designed for Safety PowerBridge Solution for HDTV was innovated with safety as a top priority, designed with a unique RECESSED POWER-INLET Wall Plate. If the Power-cord is ever unplugged from the INLET, by anyone, especially a child, there are NO contact points to touch, eliminating risk of electrical shock.

PowerBridge Solution for HDTV meets NEC Compliancy, when installed with NM type wire (ROMEX®).
Don't put yourself at risk; TV power cords or extension cords through the wall or ceiling, do not meet National and Local Building, Electrical and Fire Codes.

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Why can't the TV power cord or an extension cord be run inside the wall?

Extension cords should never be used as a substitute for permanent wiring.
Cords need ventilation to prevent heat buildup, which could cause a fire.
If a fire would result, don't count on home/renters insurance to cover damage.
Never use extension cords on a continuous basis, they are only temporary solutions for A/C power distribution.
National Electric Code, local building and fire codes restrict the use of extension cords as permanent use.

The National Electric Code (NEC) states:
NEC ARTICLE 400 Flexible Cords and Cables General 400.1 Scope.
This article covers general requirements, applications, and construction specifications for flexible cords and flexible cables.
400.8 Uses Not Permitted.
Flexible cords and cables shall not be used for the following:
(1)As a substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure
(2)Where run through holes in walls, structural ceilings, suspended ceilings, dropped ceilings, or floors
(3)Where run through doorways, windows, or similar openings
(4)Where attached to building surfaces
Exception: Flexible cord and cable shall be permitted to be attached to building surfaces in accordance with the provisions of 368.8.
(5)Where concealed by walls, floors, or ceilings or located above suspended or dropped ceilings


If I just install a regular outlet behind my TV, isn't that the same as having the PowerBridge™?

Yes and No... Having a regular A/C outlet/receptacle installed behind your expensive wall mounted HDTV, will provide A/C power. However, one of the primary benefits of installing PowerBridge™ In-Wall Power Solution, is the ability to connect an external Power Surge Protector | Power Conditioner | UPS device to provide a complete safe protected Power Solution to the HDTV, Home Theater equipment.
Unless you have a whole-house, main panel protection system installed, all outlets and switches in your home are un-protected from surge power and "dirty", noisy power which can reduce the life of electronics and power supplies.


How does PowerBridge™ protect my HDTV and how is it installed?

PowerBridge™ is part of a A/C Protection and Power Filtering Solution. The complete system allows for the wiring connection points, as a code compliant in-wall electrical power extension, of external Power Surge Protector/Conditioner/UPS devices.
PowerBridge™ design allows A/C 125v power out from the protection device through the supplied power cord that is plugged into the PowerBridge™ POWER-INLET. The back of the POWER-INLET is connected with NM (non-metallic) type UL approved wire*, (Known as Romex®, well known brand of a NM wire manufacturer) approved for in-wall, permanent wiring. Romex®, is run to the back of the POWER-OUTLET installed where the HDTV or other home theater component you want to protect. The POWER-OUTLET receptacle is recessed, so the usually large plug end of the TV power cord will not interfere with the TV mounted flush on the wall.

*NM type wire/Romex®, is not included with the PowerBridge System. NM type wire/Romex®, can be purchased at most hardware or home supply stores, by the foot or in boxes 12', 25', 50' and up.


Can I install this myself or do I need a professional?

PowerBridge is easy and safe to install, as there is no direct wiring connection to the electrical panel or circuit or directly hardwired branch connection from the back of another existing outlet.
Installation instructions are included.

We recommended professional installation if you are not comfortable cutting holes and running wiring within the walls.

We also recommend checking with your local building jursidiction regarding any requirements for running NM wire in a wall/ceiling.

Easy to Install

At the same time in routing the A/V cables between the HDTV and source equipment, running NM (non-metallic) type electrical wire, also known as ROMEX®, between the POWER INLET and POWER OUTLET and making simple secure screw connections on the back of each wall plate.
Kit does not include NM type wire-ROMEX® ; very inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware and home supply stores by the foot or in 12', 25', 50' boxes, or larger reels.
NOTE: Some areas, local jurisdictions, may require using metal electrical boxes and jacketed metal electrical wire. It is advised to check with your specific local building jurisdiction as to any special code requirements. Metal boxes are not included, or optional with the PowerBridge kit, however the plate will fit within metal and new-work electrical boxes.

The PowerBridge™ kit comes with easy to follow instructions, with pictures, and wall cut-out template for the 2 Carlon® in-wall electrical boxes for retro-fit into the drywall. All you need is a drywall saw or sharp utility knife, and a screwdriver to install the electrical boxes.

PowerBridge Solution for HDTV can be installed vertically or horizontally, to assure concealment behind the HDTV and alignment around the TV wall mount.

Safe to Install

PowerBridge Solution for HDTV is designed as a plug-in electrical device to an existing grounded A/C outlet or surge protector.

During installation, there is never any direct contact with electricity or live electrical circuits.

NO direct wire branching of electrical wiring to, or, from the electrical circuit, back of an existing outlet or house power panel. Direct wired only between the POWER INLET and POWER OUTLET wall plates.

After the wall plates are installed, the POWER OUTLET receptacle is energized by simply plugging in the supplied 36" PowerCord female end to the POWER INLET and the male end to the A/C power source, such as a surge protector or nearby existing A/C outlet.




Check with your Local Building Jurisdiction, as to permit or code requirements for installing electrical wire and outlets within a wall.

This product does not have built-in electronic circuitry for, surge protection or A/C filtering.

It is recommended this product be plugged into a quality surge-protector/power conditioner.

If you are not skilled with running wires through walls; it is strongly recommended, a qualified installation professional should install this product.


ELECTRICAL WIRE (ROMEX) 3 CONDUCTOR 12-2 or 14-2 type UL approved wire. ROMEX wire can be purchased at most home supply or hardware stores.


Stud Finder ~ Tape measure ~ Pencil ~ Small Level ~ Drywall Saw/Sharp Utility Knife ~ Phillips head and flat blade screwdriver ~ Wire-stripper ~ Needle Nose Pliers ~ Electrical Outlet Tester

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