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Kanex iAdapt 51

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI. 1080p Video with Digital Audio Adapter


Bring a true digital experience to your home theater with our fully digital Mini DisplayPort adapter that supports 1080p video and digital audio for Apple® MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac.

With audio limitation from Mini Displayport we've combined Apple® Mini Jack digital audio output with Mini DisplayPort digital video output into a single HDMI output solution to bring a true audio video experience with full HD 1080p video and full digital audio 5.1 support. Powered by USB so no external power source is needed.


 • True HDMI 1.3 chipset enables highest quality resolution support up to 1080p deep color * Design for Apple® Unibody 2009 Models. MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac
 • Supports Mini DisplayPort 1.1a input, USB 2.0, Apple® Mini Jack Optical Audio Input
 • Input Video Signal: Mini DisplayPort
 • Input Audio Signal: Apple® Mini Jack
 • Supports HDMI 8 bit per channel (24 bit all channel) deep color
 • Supports uncompressed 5.1 channel audio such as LPCM
 • Supports compressed 5.1 channel audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital
 • USB does not support ananlog audio signal
 • User Guide & Setup


Question: Is there a troubleshooting guide for further technical help? - by Kanex on 05/18/2010
Answer: Yes. Please visit It will provide a detailed list on how to connect and special set-up instructions.

Question: Will the adapter work in sleep mode or with my Macbook closed? - by Kanex on 05/18/2010
Answer: The adapter will not allow your Mac to enter sleep mode unless the USB port on the adapter is disconnected. Refer to your Mac settings for instructions on how to turn sleep mode off when display is in clamshell.

Question: Will the audio work without connecting the Toslink connector? - by Kanex on 05/18/2010
Answer: No. Unlike the iAdapt 20, this adapter does not pass audio through USB. The Toslink must be connected for audio output.

Question: Will it work if my TV does not go up to 1080p? - by Kanex on 05/18/2010
Answer: Yes. The adapter will automatically detect and switch to the highest resolution your display supports.

Question: How do I get rid of the black border around the edge of the TV display? - by Kanex on 05/18/2010
Answer: You will want to turn on the overscan function. To do so, go to system preferences, then “displays”, followed by “arrangements” and tick the “overscan” button. This will allow the image to output at full screen. Learn more about this feature on our blog at

Question: My adapter isn’t working properly and the red light is off. Is there a way to reset it? - by Kanex on 05/18/2010
Answer: To obtain the best results, follow the enclosed instructions for set-up - Connect the HDMI cable first to sync to source followed by connecting the mini jack for audio, the Mini DisplayPort for video, and lastly the USB for power. All ports must be plugged in before you power “on” the adapter.


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