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iZotope RX - Complete Audio Restoration Software

iZotope RX - Complete Audio Restoration Software

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Top Features

   •standalone application designed for audio restoration > create anywhere, anytime
   •next-generation restoration technology > advanced control, more options, fewer artifacts
   •removes hiss, buzz, clicks and crackles; repairs distortion and gaps in audio > ideal for archiving, recording, mastering, broadcasting, multimedia and more
   •Spectral Repair re-synthesis > remove intermittent noises, corrupted intervals and gaps
   •automatically rebuild clipped sections of audio > eliminate overload distortion
   •advanced spectrogram display and innovative metering > see more detail and identify problems at a glance
iZotope RX™ is the most complete audio restoration product on the market. This standalone application combats a range of audio problems via innovative restoration modules, detailed analysis tools and time-saving workflow features. Ideal for archiving, recording, mastering, broadcasting, podcasting, video production and forensics.

Hum Removal
The RX Hum Removal module uses precise filtering to isolate electrical hum as well as any resulting harmonics. In addition to 50Hz and 60Hz hum removal, a Free mode allows for hum removal at other frequencies.

The RX Declipper can save previously unusable recordings by removing analog and digital overload distortion. Declipper uses advanced multiband processing to actually rebuild damaged peaks in clipped audio.

Spectral Repair
The RX Spectral Repair module can remove hard-to-fix intermittent noises and even intelligently fill in gaps in an audio file. Spectral Repair can learn from the audio surrounding a selection and resynthesize missing audio, even if the content includes changes in pitch, vibrato and harmonics.

Advanced Spectrogram
The RX software’s unique spectrogram display can represent audio with an unparalleled level of detail and sharpness. RX's spectrogram uses newly developed technology to attain the greatest time and frequency resolution available. Use the spectrogram display to identify clipping, buzz, intermittent noises and other problems at a quick glance.

The RX Declicker can automatically suppress clicks, crackles and pops as well as similar digital impulse noises. Ideal for cleaning up audio archived from vinyl, cylinders and record masters, Declicker also features a manual mode for isolating and repairing hard-to-fix clicks and pops.

The RX Denoiser module is designed to remove broadband and steady-state noise including tape hiss, environmental background noise, camera motor noise, buzz and more. Denoiser can be trained with a sample of noise, or it can run in automatic mode. Denoiser uses special techniques based on image processing technology to achieve natural sounding results with a minimum of artifacts.

Interface and Workflow
iZotope RX was designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind. Time-saving workflow features include selective processing, which allows you to select by time and frequency to apply processes with surgical precision. You can also send multiple settings of the same module into the Compare Settings window and audition them side by side to choose the best result. Use the Batch Processing option to automate processing on a single file or on multiple files using different modules and tools within RX. There’s also a convenient Undo History that allows you to quickly step back to earlier states.


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