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Four-port quad-processor with video outputs and an integrated USB 2.0 4-Port DVR function.



Plug & play USB 2.0 interface
Requires a minimum of an Intel Pentium 4 1.0 GHz processor. Non compatible with non-Intel processors.
For use with Windows 2000/XP ONLY.
Bundled with Digital MGuard DVR software. (Mpeg4 Video Database and Divx 5.0.2 Mpeg4 Codec).
Software: Real Time MPEG4 avi video encoder and decoder.
Display and record each camera or any video signal simultaneously.
Supports NTSC or PAL video system.
Adjustable video display settings: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, quality, alarm, motion detection area.
Preview window size adjustable ( zoom ).
Allows the user to define the environment that they do not wish to observe, by adjusting mask area and sensitivity.
Mpeg4 video file database management, delete, backup or review.
Storage recycle options
Mpeg4 codec feature:
Automatically generates DIVX MP4-avi file according to your system time.
The real-time software encoder can directly record 4 Video sources to HD.
Every camera Compression: 5~6Gbytes/24hr ( All frames are recorded ).
Every camera Compression: 0.5G~3Gbytes/24hr (with motion and time interval ).
Frame resolution: NTSC 320*240,PAL 360*288.
Every camera recording frame rates: Pentium4 1GHz:6~8 fps?Pentium4 2GHz:8~12 fps.?Pentium4 2.8GHz:12~14 fps.
Every camera preview frame rates: Pentium4 1GHz:15~20 fps.?Pentium4 2GHz:20~25 fps.?Pentium4 2.8GHz:25~30 fps.
HD requirements: about 80GB for one week (May vary depending upon frame rates and motion detection settings.
System RAM: 128 MB or above.


Switchable NTSC/PAL video system.
Supports 2 Composite VIDEO out to TV or recording by VCR or Digital MGuard DVR software (by USB 2.0 ).
Supports GPIO function:4 input and 1 output.
Supports 4 independent composite video input connectors.
Video 1~4 buttons are used to display single channel full screen video and set main-channel for PIP mode.
Real time display each video on 1/4 display area at the same time.
Provides horizontal image mirroring.
Date, Time & Channel Name shows status of each Quad display.
Date and Time can be selected to be displayed ON or OFF the screen.
Supports Freeze function.
Supports Auto Sequential function.
Supports AUTO SAVE function.
Supports KEY LOCK function: once key lock function on all buttons are locked on the panel except "menu" button (prevents settings changes through accidental button pushing)

Remote Control supports: QUAD, PIP, MENU/ENTER, FREEEZE / SEQUENCE, ZOOM, Channel select (VIDEO1 ~ VIDEO4)

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