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M2-110 Fiber USB Cable

10m to 40m PC/MAC USB Extension Cable,Type A plug athost end, Type B plug at peripheral end, power supply attaches at peripheral end.

ITEM: M211010

Important Note:
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Orders are non-cancelable/non-returnable!

M2 Optical USB extension cables offer extending your USB devices in
compliance with with USB1.1 (full speed) up to 46 meter (150 feet)
without any intermediate repeater.
It has an upstream module and a downstream module, each of which has an
Optic-to Electric (O-E) converter and an E-O inside. A bundled
cable is connected between the two modules and at the other end of
the module is a USB connector.

One group of products, M2-1xx uses pure fiber-optic bundled cables. The
other group, M2-2xx uses hybrid bundled cables of fiber-optic and
copper wires, which make it possible to run DC power from the host side to the downstream module and your USB device. THerefore, if the
USB device you want to connect has no power supply, you should
choose the M2-2xx model.
v Separate models for Windows/Mac and SUN Solaris certified by SUN Micro
Systems are available.

Ordering Information
Model Number: M2-ABC-YY
A: 1-Pure fiber-optic Bundled Cable
2-Hybrid Bundled Cable
B: 0-A plug-in to A receptacle
1-A plug-in to B plug-in
C: 0-for Windows
S-for Sun Solaris
YY: the length of fiber cable in meter

M2 - 1xx This USB model uses pure fiber-optic cables and plug an AC/DC
power adaptor into the downstream module. M2-10x having A plug to A
receptacle is the basic model and is applicable with adaptors for A
plug to B plug and with an integral hub for multiple ports.

M2 - 2xx This model uses Hybrid Fiber cables so as to run DC power from
the host side to the downstream module through the power cables
bundled in the Hybrid fiber cable. M2-20x having A plug to A
receptacle and M2-21x having A plug to B plug are all available
according to USB device connectors.

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