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Custom 3.5 mini to dual RCA Cable

"Custom Series" Connect portable audio devices to your sound system!






Read the ""Review from Audioholics. All Silver soldered connections.  • Silver plated Teflon insulated conductors to limit negative effects of oxidation  •Dual, Tight Twisted Pairs for superior noise free performance. • Extremely low Capacitance for excellent frequency response.  • All contacts are Professionally Silver Soldered with medical grade silver solder  •Quality RCA Connectors with Gold Plating. Strong Strain Relief on both ends for durability. Stereo mini plug 3.5mm (1/8") to dual RCA connectors.




Money well spent
By tunesismygame
As always, RAM cables are well made with high quality components. This made a noticeable improvement in the sound quality coming from my Macbook iTunes library to NAD integrated amp/Energy bookshelf speaker setup.
Great Cable
By ogSuede
Awesome cable. Perfect contact.
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