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VGA to Video Converter, 1600X1200 maximum Input resolution PC-to-TV converter with Component Video output (480i), for Mac or PC use


For PC's iMacs, Laptops, or desktops with high resolution video cards. No need to change your video resolution, this converter can handle almost any resolution and refresh rate. Has Component Video output (Y-Pr-Pb) at NTSC (480i)or PAL (576) resolution, S-Video output, "Composite" video output, VGA output to connect your monitor, uses VGA input from your computer or laptop. Supports NTSC and PAL outputs.

S-Video Cable
Component Video Cable
VGA Splitter Cable

 •Supports Input resolutions up to 1600x1200
 •Output is Standard Definition - NTSC or PAL (640x480 or 720x576)
   •No software required for conversion
   •Adjustable vertical and horizontal position of TV display
   •Three settings of overscan/underscan
   •One touch freeze screen function
   •Area Zoom function allows areas of the screen to be enlarged for special emphasis
   •Composite, S-Video, and Component Video output
   •PAL/NTSC switchable
   •VGA IN and VGA OUT for simultaneous TV/CRT viewing

Applications for PC to TV Converters:

Note: Some of these applications may require additional equipment such as a video capture card or a scanner.
   •Display your presentations on larger screen TVs for group viewing in boardrooms, classrooms, etc.
   •Display your PC Games on larger screen TVs to combine the advantages of PCs with the playability of consoles
   •Play DVD movies from your DVD-ROM drive and display them on the format it was designed for: TV
   •Create photo slide shows in your PC and record them to video tape for the ultimate family photo album
   •Edit home videos created in the PC and record them to video tape
   •Record your presentations to video tape for viewing by employees, customers, students, etc.
   •Connect to virtual reality glasses for the most unique home PC experience ever
   •Do-it-yourself internet-on-TV and you get to choose your own internet service
   •Connect to an employee's computer and record the computer use for software training and monitoring

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