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DVI 30 Foot Fiber Optic Extension Kit, Gefen EXT-DVI-FM1000KIT30B


30 Foot Kit Includes Fiber Optic Cables
Extend DVI over One Strand of Fiber Cable -- up to 3,280 feet (1km) away

The DVI FM1000 Extender extends your DVI display up to 3,280 feet (1km) away from your video source, with only two tiny transceivers required, using a 100% optical SC fiber solution with a single strand of fiber optic cable.

Automatic EDID Programming enables quick and correct synchronization of the video source to the display without any manual configuration needed. It's a great way to extend DVI video easily and unobtrusively.

How It Works
The DVI FM1000 Sender unit plugs into a DVI port (either a computer source or another device transmitting a DVI signal). The DVI FM1000 Receiver unit plugs into a DVI display. A single strand of multimode SC fiber optic cable connects the sender to the receiver. Power is connected to the FM 1000 receiver using the 5V wall adapter and crisp, vibrant DVI video appears on the DVI display.

Optical signal transmission provides immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Note: The distance that video can be sent will depend on the resolution of the signal being sent:

- 1920 x 1200 will be extended up to 300m (990ft)
- 1600 x 1200 will be extended up to 500m (1,650ft)
- 1280 x 1024 will be extended up to 1000m (3,280 ft)


 • Extends any DVI (Digital Visual Interface)-compliant device up to 3,280 ft (1km) from the computer
 • Supports video resolutions up to 1080p, 2K, and 1920 x 1200
 • Uses inexpensive and widely available single-strand multimode SC fiber optic cable
 • Automatic EDID Programming feature enables quick and correct sync of source to display
 • Immunity from electromagnetic influences (EMI), thanks to all-fiber construction.
 • Saves space on your desktop and Increases Productivity
 • Eliminates computer noise where you work
 • Supports DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors

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 • Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 165 MHz (Single Link)
 • Input Video Signal: 1.2 volts p-p
 • Input DDC Signal: 5 volts p-p (TTL)
 • DVI Connector: Type DVI-D (19 pin) male
 • Link Connector: SC
 • Power Supply: 5V DC
 • Power Consumption: 2.5 Watts (max.) per transceiver
 • Dimensions: 2.6" D x 0.6" H x 1.6"W per transceiver
 • Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.

Package Includes:

 • One DVI FM1000 Sender Unit
 • One DVI FM1000 Receiver Unit
 • One 5V 1A Power Supply
 • One User Manual

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