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Datacomm Double Gang Recessed Cable Plate Installation Kit, White


Use DataComm Electronics’ new Single and Double Gang Recessed Low Voltage Cable Plate Installation Kits to install and hide unwanted audio/video (A/V) cables behind your flat panel TV, your amplifier or other audio/video devices. These kits bring a clean, professional image to your at-home installation.

Determine the location of your flat panel TV, amplifier or audio/video device. Cut a hole in the wall and install the low voltage mounting bracket. Then simply pull your cables through the low voltage mounting bracket and then through the recessed cable plate. Insert the recessed cable plate into your installed mounting bracket and secure with the included screws. See diagrams below. The Single and Double Gang Recessed Cable Plate Installation Kits come with simple instructions for a quick and easy installation.

National Electrical Code (NEC) does not allow the installation of the TV power cord or an extension cord behind the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Recessed Cable Plate Remodeling Kit come with everything I will need for the installation?

The Recessed Cable Plate Remodeling Kit comes with all the installation parts you will need:

 • Two (2) Recessed Cable Plates
 • Two (2) Low Voltage Mounting Brackets
The only additional items that will be needed for the installation are common household tools: a screwdriver, sheetrock saw, and tape measure.

Note: Manual screwdrivers are much more suited to this type of installation than electric models.

Can I run the TV power cord or an extension cord through the recessed part of the plate?

No. The NEC (National Electrical Code) does not allow power cords to be run behind walls, ceilings, or floors. Power cords need ventilation to prevent overheating, which could cause a fire.

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