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Ce Labs C5-HDP2

CAT5 UTP Passive Balun with RCA Male Pig Tails


The C5-HDP2 is a high quality, wide bandwidth balun that is designed specifically to transport HD video over medium distance UTP cable runs. It has an integrated 8” RGB cable for component video and digital SPDIF audio. The UTP connector uses standard Cat5 or Cat6 cable in order to transport the signals to a remote location. All four channels use the same wide bandwidth, custom balun transformer. This allows all channels to be used for composite video if desired. The chassis is heavy gauge aluminum to stand up to any abuse and provides excellent shielding to prevent pickup of unwanted signals. The chassis is powder-coat painted to ensure corrosion and scratch resistance.

C5-HDP2 Features:

 • Uses standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable
 • Can be used with four composite video channels and mono analog audio
 • Four RCA connectors for component video and digital SPDIF audio
 • Includes 3.5mm to RCA audio cable
 • Heavy gauge steel, powder-coated chassis, is corrosion and scratch resistant
Ce Labs C5-HDP2

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C5-HDP2 Specifications:
 • Nominal Input Level: 1 Volt peak to peak
 • Gain: N/A (Passive unit)
 • Input Impedance: 75 ohms
 • Output Impedance: Balanced 100 ohms
 • Isolation port to port: >60 dB
 • Isolation out to input: Bi-directional
 • Return loss: >15 dB
 • Video bandwidth: > 35 MHz
 • Interface: Integrated 8” cable with RCA connectors

There is one audio channel available. It may be used to transport a SPDIF digital audio signal or a mono audio signal (mono analog signal will be attenuated slightly due to lower impedance of the Digital Audio channel). Adapter cable is included.

The adapter provides a minimum of signal loss and may be used for High Definition distribution with cable lengths up to 200 feet usually with no adjustment to the monitor. We have achieved good results with a 1080i signal with cable in excess of 300 feet. Due to the passive nature of the adapter and the inherent loss of the UTP cable, the picture was a little less bright, but easily corrected with minor adjustment to the monitor brightness control. For composite video, the balun should provide an excellent picture in excess of 750 feet. When used in security applications, a monochrome picture will work in excess of 1500 feet.

No power required.

1.2” X 1.7” X 3.9”

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