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ETS High Definition Component Video Balun Digital Audio (4) RCA jacks to RJ45 jack,all pins


*Note* This is a single piece to be used to either transmit or receive. Two are required for an installation

The ETS AV820 Series of High Definition Component Video + Audio Baluns are designed for ease of use and consistent signal labeling in applications that utilize component video signals.
Component video formats include RGB, YUV, YIQ and YCrCb.
YCrCb component video is a recent addition to consumer equipment found on some DVD players, high-end televisions and home theater equipment. Professional uses include cameras and VTRs based upon any of the above standards.
High Definition Component Video + Audio for high-end home and professional theaters will transmit signals from 480p to 1080p resolution video.
AV822 requires two Category 5 cables for transmission.

   •Send High Definition Component Video and Audio signals on UTP at distances of up to 500 ft
   •Increased pixel resolution with a bandwidth of 270 MHz
   •Passive unit – no power required
   •RCA jacks for home theaters
   •BNC connectors for professional use
   •Meets FCC Class A
   •Superior signal balancing, lower crosstalk, less ingress and ghosting
   •May utilize existing telecom wiring
   •Sturdy compact plastic case
   •Made in USA. 100% QA

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