Portable Power

Power accessories for your mobile devices - iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Tablets or Android Smartphones. Whether you are at home or on the go, we have the accessories to keep your device at full charge. Browse our selection below.
Is your original charger lost or broken? No problem – we carry a number of standard charges that will replace the original charger that came with your device. Need a charger for your car? We’ve got you covered there as well. We carry standard car chargers that will work with any USB powered device, as well as “double” USB chargers so you can charge multiple devices at once.
Additionally, we carry Power Bank multi-device chargers. Regardless of what your particular needs are, you are certain to find a good option below.

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  • AC and USB wall plate
    50W1-30100 $11.77 Add To Cart
    AC and USB 2.1A Charging Surge protector and AC Wall Outlet expander.  The 3x AC and 2x USB Wall charger fits over your existing power wall plate and adds an additional power outlet and 2 USB charging ports. The USB...
  • Dual USB In-Wall Charger with AC
    USBWP5V $19.95 Add To Cart
    Dual USB In-Wall Charger with AC.  Features1 Tamper Resistant AC power outlet and 2 USB ports for charging cell phones, tablets, or other USB devicesUSB ports allows for 2.4 A of charging powerElectrical Rating: 15A,...
  • 2 Port, 4.4 Amp, USB Car Charger for Tablets and Smartphones
    30W1-33200 $11.95 Add To Cart
    2 Port, 4.4 Amp, High power, Fast Charging USB Car Charger for Tablets and Smartphones.   2 USB Charging ports with a big 4.4 Amp Capacity 1 - port with 2.4 Amp charging capacity for Large Tablets/iPads 1 - port...
  • 2 port USB AC Charger with 3.1 Amp Charging capacity
    90W1-31300WH $12.95 Add To Cart
    2 port USB AC Charger with 3.1 Amp Charging capacity   2 USB Charging ports 1 - port 2.1 Amp charging capacity 1 - port 1 Amp charging capacity Folding AC Plug 100-240VAC 50/60Hz...