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Network Adapters and Cards: 

Since most Internet connections are well under 10Mbps, a Fast Ethernet Card is really all you need for Internet, shared printers and normal file sharing duties

Are you connecting to Application, Database, File or Media Servers then Gigabit Ethernet will give you a super fast connection with very low latency and fantastic data throughput. If you have a home network where you do a lot of file sharing or media serving then a Gigabit 1000Mbps card is also a great choice.

Fiber Optic Network Cards Fiber optic networking is the fastest, most secure and least length constrained version of a "wired" Network connection. example

USB Ethernet adapters - So you either want to replace a bad ethernet port on your computer or your computer never had one? Simply plug one of these into one of your computers USB ports, insert the driver installation disk, follow the instructions and you will have a working Ethernet connection in no time!
No need to open up your computer case is reason enough for a lot of people to use USB for their Network Connection. 
What these will NOT do!
You can't connect these to a Cable box or TV with a USB jack and expect them to work. These were made for computers! There is no way to load the proper drivers on a cable box or TV. 
You cannot connect anything else that happens to have a USB jack on it to your network with one of these! Again, these were made for computers! If you want to connect a device with a USB port onto your network, you need something called a "USB Server".

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