Multi Format A/V Switchers

Multi Format Switchers - Accept Different types of Audio/Video inputs and convert them into a single type of output

Why rely on your receiver for up converting and Switching? Multi format Switchers accept various signals, convert them and then output multiple input video formats on a single output format. This can allow you to run one cable, or less cables to the display. External, stand alone processor/switchers also usually do a better job of video processing than inexpensive DVD players or Receivers can. They also allow you to get more life from an older high quality receiver or "Pre/Pro/AMP" combination before upgrading.

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  • AVT-6071 Multi-format Switcher
    AVT-6071 $349.00 $296.65 Add To Cart
    HDMI Multi-format Switcher and Up Converter with adjustable audio delay.  AVT-6071 Multi-format Routing Switcher is a high quality device designed to allow the incorporation of HDMI signals with analog video signals...
  • SB-3690A MultiVideo Digital Converter Scaler to HDMI VGA with Audio
    SB-3690A $549.00 $481.62 Add To Cart
    Multi Video format to VGA and HDMI Switcher, Composite, Component, VGA and HDMI to VGA and HDMI, with Audio.  The SB-3690A is a high performance video graphics scaler digital converter supporting (4) different video...
  • A-Neuvideo ANI-11x2MFS set with receivers
    ANI-11x2MFS $1,895.00 $1,167.00 Add To Cart
    A-Neuvideo ANI-11x2MFS 11x2 UHD 4k Multi-Format Video Presentation Scaler, Switcher and 11x2 splitter with Audio and HDBaseT extension.  The ANI-11x2MFS is a multi-format video presentation scaler switch with audio. It...
  • A-Neuvideo ANI-8MFS
    ANI-8MFS $795.00 $445.00 Add To Cart
    A-Neuvideo ANI-8MFS 8 INPUT MULTI-Format Switcher and Scaler with Volume control and mirrored HDMI/VGA Outputs.  The ANI-8MFS is a multi input scaler has Composite Video, Component Video, PC (VGA) and HDMI inputs and...
  • Shinybow SB-3888
    9x2 Multi Format Seamless Matrix Routing Switch and Scaler with Optional 2nd Modular Output Slot Shinybow SB-3888 The SB-3888 is a professional 9x2 MultiVideo to HDMI-VGA -Video Matrix-PiP-PoP Selector Switch Scaler...
  • Shinybow SB-3855
    SB-3855 $2,278.00 $1,325.00 Add To Cart
    9x2 Multi Format Video Selector Switch Scaler with Optional 2nd Modular Output Slot  The SB-3855 is a high performance professional video graphics scaler supporting (9) different video Input signal types including (4)...
  • INT-HD52 Presentation Switch With HDBaseT
    INT-HD52 $1,125.00 Add To Cart
    5x1+1 Auto Switching and Scaling Presentation Switch With HDBaseT HDMI extension with PoE and HDMI output  The Intelix INT-HD52 is a compact auto switcher scalar that allows the integration of analog and digital...
  • Shinybow SB-3693 front and rear
    SB-3693 $1,536.00 Add To Cart
    4x4x1 HDMI and VGA Quad-PiP-PoP Selector Switch Scaler with Optional mirrored 2nd Modular Output Slot.  Inputs: 4x HDMI, 4x VGA Output(s): HDMI,VGA, AV + Optional modular output (HDMI, HDBaseT, SDI,...
  • ANI-MINI601HD front
    ANI-MINI601HD is a presentation scaler switcher designed for multi-signal processing. Signal types of HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video, and VGA can be scaled to high-resolution HDMI format and switched out. The Audio is...