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How-to Make a Podcast

(with M-Audio Podcast Factory using Audacity, Lame, Podifier)

m-audio podcast factory

Part 2 - Connecting the Hardware

Plug in the Podcast Factory box using the included USB cable.
After plugging in the podcast factory hardware box, it will be found by xp as an M-Audio Fast track, and then the usual warning message about not passing Logo testing.

Click "Continue Anyway".

The M-audio fast track control panel icon should then eventually appear on the bottom right of the tool bar.

Right click it and open the control panel.

note that you have bit depth options of 16 or 24 bits.

Stick with 16 bits for now.

If you have a fast machine, change the buffer size to "more responsive", if a slower machine, move towards "more compatible".

You will now need to set up the Fast track as the audio device in order to use it.
This is found in the Control Panels "Sounds and Audio Devices applet.

Make sure to turn up the output volume on the fasttrack itself enough to hear it!

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