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iPro2 Series Cables - New!

Apples 30-pin to Lightning Adapter - Allows you to use our cables with the New iPhones, iPods and iPads with a Lightning connector. Only Apples adapter has a built-in DAC, other adapters won't work with analog audio cables.  

Our iPro Link System has been completely redesigned. It's now available in longer lengths and is designed to be the best sounding and most noise-free Docking cable on Planet Earth!


    It is still available with all of the same Pro Audio connectors to make it as easy as possible to use your iPod, iPhone or iPad with your PA or Recording gear.  If you need to connect a new iPhone 5 or iPad with a Lightening connector, our Cables will work perfectly with an Apple Dock to Lightening adapter.
       Please click "Help" for Automobile Compatibility info.

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Ram Electronics

3.5mm Right angle Stereo to Dual RCA Audio Cable

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $109.16
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