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iPod/iPhone/iPad Cables

Apples 30-pin to Lightning Adapter - Allows you to use our cables with the New iPhones, iPods and iPads with a Lightning connector. Only Apples adapter has a built-in DAC, other adapters won't work with analog audio cables. 


Customer Reviews of RAM Electronics Custom iPhone iPad and iPod Audio Cables 

iPhone Dock to Dual RCA Cable:


"A Phenomenal and Inexpensive Upgrade" By Chris W
"I have been a dedicated audiophile since the mid-80's, so I'd like to think I know a little bit about what constitutes a great, and above all musical sound. Anyone who thinks that the iPad doesn't have any right to have serious audio credentials bestowed on it clearly hasn't tried this phenomenal cable. For around $36 inc. postage, it is an upgrade at least as significant as going to an expensive, high-end DAC, compared to the obvious shortcomings of using the headphone socket. No exaggeration! Soundstaging, imaging, timing, much better top-end clarity, superior, and much more controlled, bass quality, a more liquid and transparent mid-range - all big improvements directly due to this 24kt. bargain. This cable is supremely well-made with the highest quality components used throughout, from the quality of wiring, to the Neutrik connectors, to the Techflex jacket and, even better still, all hand-made here in the USA! Having paid ridiculous amounts of money for cables with vastly inferior build quality and much less obvious performance increases, I'm inclined to think this is the best bang for the buck upgrade I have ever made! No, I am certain of it!!! If you own an iPad and a great hifi system, you owe it to yourself to try this incredible cable from Ram."


"A must for RCA to ipod connections" By Gunnyhighway
"If you are connecting your device to RCAs this is the only way to do it PERIOD. I had been using the headphone jack for years, then i come across this and decieded to give it a try. The difference is unbelievable, I'll be ordering a second cable today."


"Don't leave home without itBy Miles 
"Best Product I have used for my iphone"


iPhone Dock-Aux Cable


"This cable fixed my problemBy Brent H 
"I was having problems with an adapter I bought to connect my iPhone to my car. It required a 3.5" jack. When plugging that 3.5" jack straight into the phone, the volume was quiet and when turning it up, it would sound awful. I contacted RAM and told them about my problem. They suggested this cable because it ties directly into the line out signal. I tried it and it worked perfectly! It sounded clear and I didn't have to crank the volume. The people at RAM are great to work with and know their stuff!"


iPhone Angle Aux-Aux


"Awesome dongle"  By BlueLew3 
"Opened a whole new world in my car now that I can play tunes from my mobile device. The wrapped cord is durable, flexible, and the connectors work seamlessly. Another great value from RAM!"


Custom 3.5 mini to dual RCA Cable


"Money well spent" By tunesismygame

"As always, RAM cables are well made with high quality components. This made a noticeable improvement in the sound quality coming from my Macbook iTunes library to NAD integrated amp/Energy bookshelf speaker setup."


"Great Cable"  By ogSuede 
"Awesome cable. Perfect contact."


iPro2 Dock to RCA USB Cable


"This really works!"  By Jim S 

"This iPro2 Dock provided an easy and fairly inexpensive way to link up my iPod to an older, but very good stereo system. After plugging the 30 pin plug into the iPod and the RCA jacks into the stereo I was easily able to play all my iPod tracks and playlists directly through the stereo system and speakers. The sound is excellent. An additional jack is included which plugs into any power source (or the stereo back plug) to keep the iPod battery at full power. Now I don't have to keep changing CDs or listen to tracks I don't care for. Good product at a fair price and it does exactly what it is advertised to do. "


iPro2 Dock - 3.5mm Mini USB


"Works great"  By Brent H 

"This part works great. It was exactly what I expected. I love being able to charge my phone while listening to music in my car."


Dock to USB and Stereo


"This Really Works!"  By Dr. Great 

"I had been searching for quite some time for an interface solution to use my iPod with with my "Audiophile" audio system. (Lamm ML1, Dunlavy SC-III, etc.) Let's be honest, it is so convenient to use the iPod. However, the audio quality from the iPod (also iPad) was simply not as good as other sources and was especially noticable on my system. I ordered and tried several D/A converters but all had compatibility or other problems and were not satisfactory. When I found the cables from Ram I was skeptical but gave them a try. I was pleased when I received the first cable in the mail. It was obviously well crafted and aesthetically cool to look as well! The cable bypasses the preamp signal for the headphone and takes a direct line level output to the RCA plugs. What a thrill when I first fired it up! As a musician and (OK) a bit of a snob about audio I was so excited to have the convenience of the iPod and great audio quality as well. I have already ordered another for use on sound reinforcement jobs. This is great. Thanks!!"


"IPod to Legacy"  By bert 


"I had concerns when I purchased these cables whether they would really work. My concerns were instantly quelled. I attached my iPod Nano and was able to hear my favorite music over our legacy Bose Lifestyle 12 system. I was further overjoyed that when I used the stereo remote for the volume it worked perfectly (okay I'm just lazy and didn't want to get up) I appreciate not having to buy another expensive speaker system just to listen to the iPod or using the earphone jack that definitely does not produce the sound these cables do. (The only issue I found was when my other iPod (touch) went into power saving mode it cut off the sound to the stereo. I'm sure if I messed with the settings I could prevent it from going into power saving mode and seeing as how the cables are set up to charge the iPod that is not an issue.)"


Dock to USB and RA 3.5mm


"Perfect fit"  By Fdeee 

"This fits the bill for my 2007 530xi BMW 5 feet perfect. Sound excellent, build quality excellent. Very happy with this product. Thank You. Ram Electronics is the place to go."

Questions? Call, Live Chat or Email us. Toll Free -  888-726-2440

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Kanex Live

MHL 2.0 to HDMI Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 3

Kanex Live
Ram Electronics

3.5mm Right angle Stereo to Dual RCA Audio Cable

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $109.16
IK Multimedia

iLine Headphone Splitter Cable, 3.5mm mini plugs, male to two females

IK Multimedia

USB 3.0 Cable Type A to Micro-B Cable, 3-10 feet long

Starting as low as $10.99

3.5mm plug to 3.5mm jack mono cable assembly, length 10 feet

Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Apple dock connector to a USB and 3.5 minim connector. Dock, charge, sync and play, all in one cable! MADE IN THE USA

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $49.77
Ram Electronics

Performance Cable delivers quality audio at a great value! (right-angle plug)

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $39.82
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" Silver conductors and gold miniplug w/ Techflex jacket!

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $22.06
Ram Electronics

iPro2 Dock to 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug Cable

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $36.90
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