Building a DIY Vista PC - Building a Core 2 Duo Computer for a Chick



Building a DIY Vista PC - Intro

Building a DIY Vista PC - a Core2 Duo Computer

Ok, sorry about the "chick" thing. Especially since"the chick" is my daughter. Anyway, building a PC for a girl can be a bit different. They are generally not hardcore gamers like "dudes". The aesthetic requirements also differ. If it were for a boy it could have spikes and flashy things all around and an overall supermegatruck appearance. More is better. With a girl, you may want to be a bit more tasteful. Maybe you'd like to make something soft and pretty - good luck with that. See below...

Part 1) Computer Building Basics:

Store (Hell) Bound First?

A Masochists tale


Meet the Hardware

Part 2) Building:

Installing the motherboard, Cpu and memory

Installing the Drives

Cable installation - headers, power and drive connections

Part 3) Installing Vista Home - Basic:

The "Moment of Doh!"

Bios madness

Smoochies to Microsoft

Free stuff

Die Microsoft! Die!!!

DVD Software

Hapnin baby!

Part 4) Is it time to Build a Vista MCE or HTPC?