Digital/Analog Converters

Why, when and where do you need them?

 • You just purchased a new LCD or Plasma TV (Digital Output) and you need to get the sound through your Stereo System (Analog Input)? You need a DAC! 

 • Your new digital speaker system (Digital Input) won’t work with your old stereo receiver (Analog Output) You need an ADC! 

 • You have run out of digital inputs on your new home theater system and you want to connect your MP3 player that only has a digital audio output. You need a (DAC)!

What are these things?!

Digital to Analog Audio Converters (DAC's) convert either LPCM or Bitstream digital audio on Coax or Optical Toslink to Stereo Left/Right Audio. 

Analog to Digital Audio Converters (ADC's) convert Stereo Left/Right analog audio into LPCM Digital Audio for either Coax or Optical Toslink Input.

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