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    CeLabs DC-101, Component Video and Stereo Audio DC Blocker. 

    The DCB101 is a 5 channel Component DC isolation unit that eliminates DC offsets in the video or audio that can cause hum bar interference.




    So you just finished installing a new video distribution system and everything looks great. Wait a minute, what is that green (or blue, or grey, etc.) bar that is slowly floating up through the picture. If this sounds familiar, you are experiencing a video hum bar. There are a couple of different causes for hum bars. If the source electrical power is too low, the video devices may have a problem regulating their power supplies. This issue can be compounded by sources that output DC offsets that place additional loads on the video distribution system. A second source of the problem is differential ground voltage potentials, which cause AC power to flow through the video cable grounds. This is commonly referred to as “Ground Loop”. The hum in the system might also be induced into the video cabling by being routed too closely to an AC power cable.


    1. The signal and AC power cables should never be bundled together.

    2. Have a qualified electrician find and repair any defective AC outlets that may be causing AC Ground Loop currents.

    3. Use a distribution amplifier with isolated input grounds in order to break the Ground Loop.

    4. If the video source has DC voltage on the video output, inserting a DC voltage blocker in line can eliminate problems in the distribution network.

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