Custom Made in the USA

  RAM Electronics has been a custom contract manufacturer for over 35 years servicing some of the top quality brand names in the Audio and Video Industries. As such we have learned over the years that using high quality components, and consistent methods of manufacturing results in superior, reliable and long lasting products. We bring this experience and expertise to our custom cable manufacturing for low volume consumer and business Audio Video cable lines that we offer for instant online sale. Yes, that's right. Custom made cables, made to order in the USA and you can easily order them online at any time. We also offer the option of complete customization if you need something a little bit different. 

 custom bi-wire speaker cable

   Connector quality is of huge importance in devices that must be connected and disconnected. We only offer cables with connectors that we, ourselves would want on our cables we use at home. 

  While some people claim a coat hangar would sound as good as any audio cable and some claim exotic materials and construction techniques have a profund effect on audio and video signal quality, we know that high quality and extremely consistant manufacturing techniques and materials can and will enable high quality and consistant signal quality. There is a reason industry professionals rely on certain brand names when speccing cable and those brand names are not the usual consumer brand names. Belden, Canare, Liberty, Gepco and other brands have built a reputation by delivering truly professional grade products consistantly for years. We rely on them so that you can rely on us.

We welcome suggestions and ideas. If you can tell us how to improve our cables or think we should make a new cable, please let us know!

The Full Monty?
We can also custom make you a cable to your own unique requirements. Just let us know what sort of crazy idea you may have and we'll let you know if it's possible, or likely to blow something up! Please email ""


YES! I Want a Custom Cable! 

OK, so email us or Call us, or look below, we may already have it available to buy online right now.

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custom stereo interconnect Belden 1505F

Custom cable

Here are some of our current Professional grade cables custom manufactured in the USA by RAM Electronics:

Composite Video:

CDA TV Studio Standard NTSC SDTV Cable with Belden 1694A

FLEXCV Flexible Pro quality 


Component Video:

C2A Industry standard Canare component video cable

C2B Canare Component cable RCA to BNC

GCAO custom component and stereo audio cable

GCC custom canare connector component cable

GCCB custom canare RCA to BNC cable



BBA The standard of the industry SDI/HD SDI/3G SDI Cable, also used for 6G SDI

BBP The Plenum Industry Standard

B2B 3 in 1 Jacket for patching

GCCBB lower cost custom SDI multi cable


Digital Audio S/PDIF:

CDA Pro Standard S/PDIF Cable

CDP Plenum Standard

FLEXDA Great Flexible Pro level cable

SPDIF Pro quality for computers with Digital mini plug connections


Stereo Audio Interconnect Cables:

FLEXSA Studio quality Cable in white with Belden 1505F cable

RAMFLEXSA Studio quality Belden 1505F Stereo Cable in black and red


Subwoofer Cables:

CDA Heavy gauge for long runs and highly shielded for absolute signal integrity

CDP Plenum rated in wall subwoofer cable

FLEXSW Flexible yet extremely high quality subwoofer cable


Speaker Cable:

HS Canare Studio Grade Speaker cable with locking Gold Bananas

HSVBRT Braid covered Canare Studio Grade Speaker cable with locking Gold Bananas

SBB Canare 4S8 Speaker cable with High end Bananas

SBS Canare 4S8 Speaker cable with High end Spade lug and Banana

SSS Canare 4S8 Speaker cable with High end Spade lugs 

HSF 4S11 cable with crimp sleeves

HSFVBRT Fancy looking Braided Canare 4S11 cable with crimp sleeves



Bi Wire Speaker Cable:

HSB Canare 4S11 Bi Wire speaker cable with locking banana plugs

HSBVBRT Fancy looking Canare 4S11 Bi-wire speaker cable


Bi Amp Speaker Cable:

HSBB Canare 4S11 Bi Amp wired Speaker cable with Banana plugs


XLR Balanced/Mic Cable:

MMIC Mogami Cable with Neutrik XLR's 

MMICWV Braid covered Mogami Cable with Neutrik XLR's 


1/4: Instrument Patch Cables:

Mogami - Canare 


Ramrod Right Angle

Ramrod double right angle

 F Coax CATV/Satellite Cables:

RFA Belden 1694A Canare F CATV Satellite cable (unequalled quality cable)

RFP Belden Plenum 1695A Canare F connector cable for in wall use