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Video Cables - Connect your Home Theater Display (Plasma, RPTV, LCD, Projector) and Source Devices (DVD, Cable, Satellite, Blu Ray, HD-DVD, or VCR) with no loss of quality with our selection of cables. From our Award winning DVI and new Rev2 HDMI Cables,to our Custom Series of Broadcast Quality cables we guarantee the Highest Quality Video Signal.
Need Something Strange? BNC Connectors? RGB or VGA Connections? Check the HDTV/Projector Cables Category for all kinds of converter/adapter cables.

We have a choice of inexpensive and somewhat more expensive choices available depending on if you need a short cable for HD audio and video over HDMI or if you need the best possible cable designed to accommodate the latest and future cable requirements.
Component Video (Y-Pr-Pb):
We have only real, high quality cables available, but some have low prices! From our Custom broadcast quality cables to our Elite series locking Gold plated high bandwidth cables, we carry only cables that are made to last a lifetime. Other cables may perform well for a few months, but poor RCA connector designs or soldering will often cause failure or intermittent operation eventually.
We have no reason to think that anyone has S-Video cables at the price/performance levels that we do. Let alone the variety. S-Video is one exceptional example of cables where wide varieties of performance can be seen in the marketplace. Typically they are garbage, with few choices that are better than just using Composite video.
Composite video:
We pretty much just bother with Pro grade cables. Use an "AV cable" or generic 75 ohm coax cable if you need to be cheap. They should work. Our Composite cables are made to last forever, can be used for Coax digital audio, or as a single (mono) analog audio cable. This cable will always be good for something!
VGA/RGB/RGB-HV Component Video Cables:
This is a tricky one. RGB is very different from Component Video (Y-Pr-Pb). It is a different Video format. You may need a Video Converter to properly convert the signal. Projectors and some HDTV's will accept Component Video through a "VGA" input, but you should check your manual!

Still not sure what you need? See our Home Theater Connection Guide.

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VGA male to female Plenum Video Cable, In-Wall Rated. Designed for the most demanding applications

Starting as low as $895.00

S-Video Plenum Cable, male to male, In-Wall Rated. Designed for the most demanding applications

Starting as low as $159.99
Ram Electronics

"Custom Series" MADE IN THE USA, Built with Belden Cable and Canare BNC Connectors. 2 feet to 150 feet. Broadcast Quality.

Ram Electronics
Starting as low as $515.21

VGA-UXGA HD15 plug to HD15 plug Plenum Video cable, In-Wall Rated. Designed for High Resolution Video.

Starting as low as $895.00

DVI-A Male to VGA (HD15) Male, for analog DVI to VGA connections, lengths from 3 to 50 feet


RG6 Coax Cable with "screw-on" F-Type connectors, for Cable TV, Satellite, Antenna. Available in Black or White.

Starting as low as $12.95

"Value Series" Nickel Plated Screw-on Coaxial Cable, F connector to F connector, RG-59. Great for all cable TV and modem applications.

Starting as low as $6.95

DVI Male to Male Dual Link Cables, 3 to 15 feet long.


DVI-D Single Link Digital Video Cable 3 to 15 feet long.

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