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    HDTV Distribution Amp with Digital Audio, 1 In, 5 Out HDTV/Component DA with Ground Isolation. 

    The AV501HDXi incorporates isolation circuitry on the input connectors that helps to eliminate AC hum bars associated with ground loops. The ground connection on the inputs is isolated by a high impedance that effectively breaks the AC ground loops. This unit is very effective in breaking AC ground loops that cause moving video hum bars. If a system using non-isolated distribution amplifiers is exhibiting hum bars, place the AV501HDXi between the video source and the first distribution amplifier. This should eliminate or greatly reduce visible hum bars. Larger display systems may contain more than one AC ground loop, and require more than one isolated input amplifier to totally eliminate the issue.

    The AV501HDXi has one set of inputs and five sets of outputs (Output #5 is designated as the loop output, but may be used to drive a monitor directly). The unit allows any Audio/Video source, with Y, Cb, Cr, or Y, Pb, Pr Outputs (component), to distribute Audio and Video to five different locations without any signal loss. The amplifier also supports composite video and digital audio.


    •    •Compatible with all HDTV and Standard 
    •    •Definition Component Video Signals. 
    •    •Daisey Chain multiple units together for large scale distribution 
    •    •Extend your Cable runs up to 150 feet 
    •    •Save on additional A/V Source devices 


    Nominal Input Level: 1 Volt peak to peak
    Gain: 1 Volt into 75 ohms (2 Volts unterminated)
    Input Impedance: 75 ohms 
    Output Impedance: 75 ohms
    Isolation port to port: 32 dB
    Isolation output to input: 60 dB Return Loss: >18 dB
    Video Bandwidth: >150MHz

    Nominal Input level: 1 Volt peak to peak
    Gain: Unity (one to one)
    Input Impedance: 22k ohm
    Output Impedance: 1k ohm
    THD: 0.05%
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 100kHz
    Channel Seperation: >7 dB
    Port to Port Isolation: 60 dB
    Output to Input Isolation: 60 dB
    Signal to Noise: >100 dB @ 2 Volts out

    Supports Standard SPDIF digital audio.
    Unity gain when terminated into 75 ohms (2x gain, high Impedance)
    Greater than 100MHz of Bandwidth to ensure minimal degradation.

    Note: The loop output can be used to daisy chain several units together as is typically done in store displays.

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