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Wall Plates - Audio/Video

Put it in the wall!
Put your cables in the wall, and use the best AV wall plates available to make sure you have no distortion, wavy video lines, or other audio or video distortion. We have everything from Custom Liberty Panel Crafters 1/8" thick aluminum wall plates for a high end/corporate installation, to Designer Style or keystone AV connectivity solutions. HDMI, DVI, VGA, Speaker, XLR, S-Video, RCA, Speakon, F, mini plug, IR, or whatever!
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Don't understand Wall Plate Terms and Basics?

See our A/V Wall Plate Guide on our blog or watch the video:

Let US Build it for you!
Design your own plates and get them assembled for Free! We offer a variety of Keystone snap-in feed-thru, female/female, connectors to fit Keystone plates.

Common inserts available:

 • S-Video (SVHS)
 • F-Type Coax (for TV)
 • BNC
 • RCA (in various colors)
 • Mini 3.5mm(1/8") phone plug
 • Speaker Binding Post
 • RJ11 (telephone)
 • CAT5e (as pass-through or punch-down)
 • VGA

Simply select a Keystone plate style and the keystone insert jacks. When finished, add the plate, inserts and other products to your shopping cart, and then add “BUILDIT” to your cart and we will put it together for you.
Please be sure to email: "The Wall Plate Crew" and tell them how you want the connectors arranged, if that is important to you! Most inserts are in-stock and will ship immediately.
*Note on Designer Style Plates* Some Keystone jack inserts will not fit alongside other keystone jacks horizontally in a Designer Style 4 or 6 port double column plate, they must be used in a 1 through 3 port single column Designer Style plate or in non-Designer Style Keystone plates. The extra wide insert modules that won't fit side by side include: Toslink, 3.5mm mini plug, S-Video, and Speaker Binding Post."

Contact us for Custom Wall plate Designs
Call: 888-726-2440 Fax: 856-786-2244.
email: Ram-Panelcrafters:
See Our Complete Line of Custom Audio/Video Cables Available in Any Length to Complete Your Installation.

Custom A/V Cables

Questions? Call, Live Chat or Email us. Toll Free -  888-726-2440

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Liberty Cable

Ivory "Designer Style" Insert Panelcrafters, 1-VGA 1-3.5mm Stereo.

Liberty Cable

ETS PA807WP-X, Stereo Audio, (2) RCA jack to 110 punch-down Wall Plate Balun combo (Note: Quad Wall plate Balun is pictured)

Liberty Cable

Ivory Designer Style Insert Panelcrafters, 1-VGA

Liberty Cable
Liberty Cable

Ivory "Designer Style" Insert Panelcrafters, 2-VGA ,2 RCA

Liberty Cable

Screw-On Low Voltage Dual Gang Bracket


Nail-On low Voltage Single Gang Bracket


Mounting Bracket for New Construction


Screw-On Low Voltage Single Gang Bracket


Nail-On low Voltage Dual Gang Bracket

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