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Wii to HDMI 1080p Converter


Wii to HDMI 1080p Converter
Just plug this conver into the back of your Wii, and connect it with an HDMI cord to your HDTV or Reciever and enjoy your Wii's picture upscaled to 720p or 1080p on your TV.


 • Digital Video and Audio output
 • Supports all Wii display modes (NTSC 480i, 480p, PAL 576i)
 • HDMI upscaled 720p or 108p output
 • Advanced signal processing provides high resolution and accurate color
 • High quality, State of the Art motion adaptive de-interlacing for 480i, 576i input signals
 • No power adapter needed, no extra cords, just a single HDMI cable
 • Plug and Play
Wii to HDMI 1080p Converter

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