VGA (RGB) Switchers

Switch between multiple VGA (RGB/HV) sources (usually computers) and Display them on a single Monitor. Your main choices are all about the numbers of the inputs and outputs, and the necessary resolution support. Higher bandwidth switchers support higher video resolutions and refresh rates.

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  • Calrad 40-829R-8 VGA 8x1 Switcher with Remote Control
    40-829R8 $302.40 Add To Cart
    VGA 8x1 Switcher with Manual or IR Remote control, 8 Inputs, 1 Outputs. •  Video Bandwidth 250 MHZ  •  Video Resolutions up to 1920 x 1440 •  DC Power 9Vdc...
  • Shinybow SB-4106
    SB-4106 $299.00 $172.00 Add To Cart
    SB-4106 - 4x1 VGA/HDTV Selector Switch w/IR control SB-4106 is a high speed Video Bandwidth 310MHz, Maximum 380MHz for VGA-RGBHV routing switcher product. Its one of the most innovative VGA RGBHV signals switcher router...
  • Calrad 40-829R-4
    40-829R-4 $225.00 Add To Cart
    VGA 4x1 Switcher with Manual or IR Remote control, 4 Inputs, 1 Outputs.•  DC Power 9Vdc 300ma •  Max Input Video Level 1.5V p-p •  Video Bandwidth 250 MHZ •  Video Resolutions up to...