VGA - Component

VGA to Component Video Conversion, transcoding and scaling.

Basically this is for connecting a computer (Desktop or Laptop) to an HDTV Display. The Computer can be PC or Mac. The HDTV can be Plasma, LCD, RPTV, DLP RP or Front projectors, basically any type of HDTV that accepts HDTV signal formats like 720p, 1080i or enhanced def 480p.

There are two types of VGA to Component Video converters to choose from.
Transcoders just re-encode from RGB to Y-Pr-Pb. What this means is, the resolution that goes in, comes back out, just "re-encoded" to Component Video. So you get: 480p -> 480p, 720p -> 720p, 1080i -> 1080i, etc. 
The biggest problem usually is HDTV's are not happy with most computer monitor signals.. Make sure your Video Card can output a good HDTV signal (720p [1280x720@60Hz], 1080i [1920x1080@29.9/30Hz] , or maybe 1080p [1920x1080@60Hz]) otherwise you are going to have to use a program like "Powerstrip" for PC's or DisplayConfigX for Macs. If not sure, please ask.

Converters/Scalers accept various resolutions in and can output selectable video output formats. 
So you can have inputs and outputs like these: 800x600->1080i, 1280x1024->720p, etc. Check specs for exactly what you need, or please ask.

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