VGA Distribution Amps

VGA Distribution Amplifiers for Distributing VGA or RGB Video over Multiple Displays

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  • Ce Labs VG41DA
    VG41DA $119.90 $89.90 Add To Cart
    Ce Labs VG41DA, 1x4 Computer Video VGA Distribution Amp.  With the VG41DA, 1×4 VGA distribution amplifier (video splitter), you can use one PC to display identical images on 2, 4, 8, 16 or more monitors. The...
  • Shinybow SB-1116G
    SB-1116G $475.00 $365.00 Add To Cart
    SB-1116G - 1x16 VGA(RGBHV) Amplifier Splitter An ultrahigh speed current feed back amplifier with an excellent 5500V/as slew rate that results in a rise time of 545ps, making it ideal as a pulse amplifier. The high slew...
  • Shinybow SB-1108G
    SB-1108G $215.00 $160.00 Add To Cart
    Shinybow SB-1108G 1x8 VGA(RGBHV) Amplifier Splitter The SB-2809 is an S-Video or Composite Video and Stereo Audio Amplifier (booster) used to drive signals over a long distance. This product provides signal amplifier from...
  • Shinybow SB-1102G
    SB-1102G $119.00 $88.00 Add To Cart
    SB-1102G - 1x2 VGA(RGBHV) Amplifier Splitter The 1x2 VGA Distribution Amplifier is designed to work as a splitter for VGA Video applications. Capable of splitting a VGA signal from one source to two devices with compatible...
  • Shinybow SB-1110 front
    SB-1110 $292.00 $211.00 Add To Cart
    SB-1110 2x1x8 VGA Matrix Switcher + VGA Distribution Amplifier The SB-1110 is a high speed Video Bandwidth 310MHz, Maximum 380 Mhz VGA distribution amplifier with 2 channel switcher. It is one of the most innovative 8...