Subwoofer Cables

What type of cable is a subwoofer cable really? It is a line level analog audio interconnect that has to transmit very low frequency analog audio signals at the same "line level" as your stereo interconnects. The main things to worry about are noise rejection, low capacitance and solid construction for increased longevity. The quality of the connectors, the connections themselves, and conductor materials are of primary importance for long lasting quality of all analog cables like these. We offer custom length Canare/Belden and other cables for custom Home Theater installation that are made to last a lifetime.

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  • CDA Custom made Belden 1694A with Canare connectors
    CDA $30.95 Choose Options Choose Options
    Professional RCA to RCA Cable for Digital or Analog audio, Subwoofer, Composite Video or almost any audio or video signal. Belden 1694A Cable with Canare "True 75 ohm" RCAP-C53 RCA connectors. An Industry Standard in...
  • RAM Electronics Flex SW the ultimate Subwoofer cable
    FLEXSW $25.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    Custom Flex SW is the ultimate Subwoofer cable! The Silver-Flex Subwoofer Cable uses White Belden 1505F Cable which has double copper braided shields, a 22 AWG center conductor, and yet is still quite flexible. The...
  • CDP - Belden 1695A Plenum Rated RG6U Audio or Video Cable with Canare RCA Connectors
    CDP $67.77 Choose Options Choose Options
    Belden 1695A Plenum Rated RG6U Audio or Video Cable with Canare RCA Connectors.  Please choose your Boot color: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.  Belden 1695A Cable Features:Low Loss Serial...